Monday, 13 February 2017

End Of An Era

Well hello, hello.  I know, sit down - I am actually writing a blog post from my semi-retirement. Isn't it ironic - don't you think - that I have less time to write now all 3 of my kids are at school. Go figure.

Anyhow, what's new with me well since September 2016 I got myself a personal trainer so I did.  I had joined PureGym (did you know they don't actually pay their staff?! They work for free on the basis you will get some personal trainer work?!!) - you know the really cheapo one for £20 per month and had been going to classes from April 2016. I did spinning, fat burn, weights and circuit training. I felt good - working up a sweat and all that jazz but lost sod all weight. People bang on about muscle weighing heavier and all that - no it doesn't! A stone is stone, a pound is as pound whether it's fat or muscle.