Thursday, 2 June 2016


So, it's been a while. Life is busy and I like to live it rather than document it hence the absences on here. Although, if truth be told it's more about sitting down at 8.30pm after sorting the herberts out and not being in the mood to write. I do have a blog post in the pipeline on booking holidays in France.  I did one last year on driving in France but this year I shall do an idiots guide to self catering with useful links etc.

Well, I've lost just over a stone since January.  I was going to Glow which was good in a way - you get weighed, you sit with a lot of old people (again amusing), chat about the latest food to eat (clean eating - avocados, nuts, coconut oil - oh my coconut oil is all the rage - wait 10 years and it'll be out of fashion) and then the workout. Now, there have been a few weeks where I've stayed the same and then lost a 1lb and I thought I'm not paying this if I am not losing consistently.  They don't have a magic wand. The workouts were a bit lame it has to be said and £ for £ it wasn't good value. One lady told me (like many they come for the social aspect rather than the actual weight loss) that she had been coming for 5 years and had put on 2lb that week. But I was reliably informed that had she not been weighing in for half a decade, she would be far bigger than she is now. Or maybe she would have been quids in.

And there in lies the problem with slimming clubs (which as this had exercise and just a clean eating guide rather than a strict guide I thought was better) is that you get into the mindset that you can't slim without them and invaribly you actually create bad habits i.e pigging out after the day of weigh in.  No one should be going to a slimming club for 5 years - either consistently or on and off.  Slim people do not go to slimming clubs only overweight people do. Those overweight people tend to continue to lose some, maybe a lot but then put on weight. But the slim people just stay slim without going to these clubs. They have the best mental approach and self control!

So, I've changed tactics a bit.  This club was great to get me back in the zone and get my fitness up to a level.  I am now a member of puregym - it's like the travelodge of the gym world. It's no frills i.e no swimming pool, cafe, sauna etc but it is great value with no contract and you can geniunely cancel at anytime.  It costs £19.99 a month. This is cheaper than my one class and a weigh in.  Last week I have been to a kettlebell, pump and spin workout and I'm still alive. It's half term this week so I haven't been but next week I've booked in for another 3 classess.

I think I did get lucky though as I was able to book on line relatively easily as it just opened. However, I have recently found out that the times of the classes come up at 12.00 am - yes that sounds like a good idea said no gym user ever. Wonder why they didn't promote that on their PR onslaught? I have seen tweets whereby all classes are gone by 12.05 am! Well, I'll be darned if I'm going to set an alarm and wake myself up so I'll just chance my arm and go on a waiting list or just turn up. Watch this space to see if my membership gets cancelled asap.  So far so good though.

By the way, I seem to earn more money from this blog when I'm not writing than when I do write? Go figure.

Be back soon...


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