Thursday, 14 April 2016

Things That Piss Me Off

How's that for a title? She's back. Let's get down to the nitty gritty. Two weeks off at Easter and no fitness class or weigh in - weighed in yesterday and I'd put a one pound on. Thanking you - although in real terms, in an ideal world, I would have rocked the weight loss and dropped another 5lb but this is the real world and this is me.  I'll take that as normally I can easily put on at least 3lbs when the kids are off which then takes me a few weeks to shift.

I've also up graded my bike - tah dah! I got myself a great second hand specialised road bike and it is just amazing. It has a full range of gears so I can cruise up hills whilst others are struggling. It was a lovely day on Sunday so myself and the eldest joined my sister and her husband for a 30 mile bike ride.  All did not go well - my son's bike (which has a new cassette - get me knowing all the terms etc) wasn't adjusted right so it was bouncing around all over the place. So he wasn't best pleased after 15 miles of this. My sister (see above) also pointed out that as my son is sooooo light he has to peddle on the flat whereas my weight carried me far.  Anyhow, about 24 miles in my sister is going up a big hill and the back thing (yes technical term) snaps right off. The brother-in-law has to cycle back home, get my car and get 3 x bikes in the car minus one wheel and all of us in. I love that car so I do. So not quite 30 miles. There is a 35 mile ride on Sunday which we may or may not do with the cycling club.  That is because it took the group 6 hours last week to do 30 miles!!!  That's a whole lot of day!

Anyhow Bikes are getting on my nerves - there you go one of the things that is pissing me off - from now on they'll be in bold. I have been back to our local bike shop (which is great but just a pain) as my son's new cassette has to be set for racing. There are gear restrictions for under 12s for racing. Who knew? Not me and now I have to get his bike set up again for the cyclocross tyres. I now want him to be a footballer.

Women Drivers - are just bloody awful these days don't you find? They're so aggressive and just total arses. Maybe they're just pissed off that life is just one big juggling act. I think they're stressed out running around trying to do everything but still no excuses ladies. For instance, I took the kids and an extra child to see Kung Fu Panda 3 (which I didn't really rate as I can't stand Jack Black so I couldn't get beyond his voice) and I drove down the wrong way of a very big car park - like there's room for two cars and a tiny one. I realised the error of my way straight away but this lady was coming up the middle and she was freaking out. I gestured with my hands to calm the fuck down lady - I know - calm yourself. I mean really. There's so many out there I wonder if they all get their licences from the same Christmas Cracker.

Christmas - I kid you not - someone put a reference to it. Seriously get a life. Facebook I am just one big newsfeed - I like news and they pop up on my newsfeed. I have recently liked French local news (as we may move within the year - its within that time frame or never) so now I am a google translate salve which is pretty shit. It would be quicker to learn French. But that would make sense.

Charity Shops - again!! Walking past the shop window there's a lego set a snip at £75! I could feel the steam rising but I just took a picture instead of demanding to know the meaning of this. There was no box and was already constructed - some poor child could have that for £20 could they not? No, they can pay just shy of the full asking price and bloody well like it.

Tories. Just Tories. In a nutshell - the tax, the closing of over 2,000 libraries, the NHS destruction, the Steel plants, the EU and just the Tories. They have never been a good thing. Period. I don't care if you pay enough tax Sharon they are wankers end of. This.

Park Run - Stoke council wants to charge the free park run organisers. That is to charge for people to run in a park. Are you kidding me? Sadly no.  Why don't they charge groups of mum's using the pavements power walking with buggies.

I could go on but its late and its just good to be writing after the break.

See you soon with news of more weight loss.

Stay Gold Pony Boy

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