Saturday, 5 December 2015

Say Hello To PiYo

We're heading into the Christmas run in - so what better time to start an exercise programme right? I thought so. No, I'm not mad, bad or crazy - maybe a little crazy - I just thought what's the point of waiting till January to get into the swing of things again? I mentioned in my last post that I was only managing a couple of work outs a week and I didn't think this was going to improve during December.

I had been looking at purchasing this DVD set for a while. It is a bit pricey (£60) but I purchased it with my birthday money. Its a combination of Pilates and Yoga. There are no weights or high impact although there are lunges and squats. What I like most about it is that you do it in your bare feet. You do sweat and the moves are challenging but you'll be amazed at the positions you can get into.  The DVD pack comes with a chart. Basically there is a work out everyday except on Friday's that's your rest day for 60 days. I've managed my 6 workouts this week and the beauty of it is they're not that long - 20/25 minutes. I absolutely love the American lady (Chalene Johnson) she is so enthusiastic but not in a grating way. There are tons of before and after success pictures on the internet. Obviously you still have to count calories so don't expect a miracle cure by buying the DVD but starting the programme is half the battle.

I will let you know how I get on and I hope to put my before and after pictures up after the 60 days. Wouldn't that be great?!  I really love it and don't see myself being demotivated to fit in my bit of exercise daily. I would say that as the programmes aren't very long any other exercise would be an added bonus.

In other news, I'm more or less set for Xmas - all presents have been purchased via the internet of course! Although I did buy a couple the old fashioned way whilst meeting my friend for lunch.  I've become very popular all of a sudden - I always am this time of year as its around my birthday and Xmas.  In fact, next week is the only week I haven't got a lunch date planned.

I cannot wait for the kids to break up from school - only 2 weeks to go! Tomorrow my son has another cycling race so I have 3 hours of standing in the cold to look forward to!

Until next time...

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