Thursday, 5 November 2015

Walking Is Soooo Last Season

But should it be?  It suddenly occurred to me the other night that I walk far less than I have ever done since having my first child some nearly 12 years ago.  When he was born, I made a point of walking when he was due to have a nap, so that I could lose weight. I would walk for at least 4 miles everyday without fail. I'd walk to the supermarket, shops or sometimes just walk to the furthest point and then walk back. I was like Forrest Gump "I think I'll go home now ". Walking was my thang.

I had lost all my baby weight in less than a year. Yes, I dieted as well (this was with slimming world) but I think the hill walking whilst whilst pushing a heavy buggy (I went for style over substance) with shopping had a lot to do with it.

I then remembered that when I had my second, I ditched the heavy good looking buggy for a lighter weight tandem buggy. However, now I had two little people to push but push I did. Everyday, again, I would get out and walk. My eldest would hop in and out providing me with some good interval training work.

I had this little number in burgundy and it was awesome! My youngest (now middle child) went in the back and the little fella now big was riding up front

Even with my youngest, I still pushed that buggy - now a light weight solo number - I'd drop the kids off at school and walk up a HUGE hill to the supermarket and march back with all my shopping underneath and loaded on the handlebar.  I would leave the house about 8.15 and be back about 10.15 so that's a lot of time on the go.  And when my youngest went to pre-school I'd walk on my own to the shops or a Forrest Gump type walk. Later, I'd then walk to get him and then walk to the school and back.

Now, my eldest walks himself to school and I have a short (slight hill there's no flats around where I live for very long) and back. That's it. No in between walk to pre-schools there and back. The next walk is the same short walk at pick up.  In addition to the walking I did when they were younger, I'd also try and fit in some - what I thought - was proper exercise i.e wii dance, weights etc. Little did I know that I had done the proper exercise beforehand.

I think the walking has to make a come back wouldn't you say?  The running was good but its not agreeing to my knees. The last time I went was about 3 weeks ago and I could only manage 2 laps instead of the 4 I did prior to the summer.  I have fitted in a bit of Pilates but nothing really consistent to 3 x a week. I also had a go on a bike roller we have in the garage for 20 minutes on Monday. It was very good and my thighs still ache a bit but more exercise is needed.

Walking, I feel, has been left behind. There's so many forms of exercise to chose from these days. There's always the latest fashionable work out that people are talking about (rarely doing mind!). Even I was tempted (still am if truth be told) to try PIYO from the makers of beach body insanity. In the last few years, running and the C25K - an app I would highly recommend has become very on trend.  But walking? Walking is for wimps. Or is? I think walking at a good fast pace is the stealth elf of all these exercises. For me, its going to have to make a comeback during the winter months.

I know you can't out train a bad diet and that food is 80% of the reason you are fat or not. But exercise sets the wheels in motion. It makes you want to eat better to the two really do go hand in hand. So grab your trainers, ipod and get walking!

See you soon  - weigh ins are now on a Monday - so no hiding at the weekends!


  1. i agree...walking is relaxing and fun and it my default option when i cant be bothered to 'exercise'. Did 4 odd hours over the weekend and could really feel it in my legs!

    1. Yes and it is exercise! Just no one thinks of it like that do they x