Monday, 23 November 2015

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yarp its my birthday and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to. Although, I'm not as I've had a bloody awesome birthday! I say birth day but its been a cracking few days.  Firstly though we must get down to business. Last week I lost 1lb - yes ONE whole pound!! This week I put that WHOLE pound back on again. But rest easy folks I am allowed I think.  I weighed in this morning, however, yesterday I was out and about in London with the hubster. We went to Claridges no less. Get me. Now, I'm not really into poncey stuff so we didn't do 'afternoon tea' which if truth be told is just us plebs getting dressed up (or not the amount of people in jeans!) to experience a bit of poshness. Do the posh really have afternoon tea? I'm not so sure.

I digress. Anyhow, I thought I'd celebrate this milestone birthday (its not really but my husband kept joking what with me deciding to have drinks here on being an insignificant 42) by drinking mojitos in Claridges. Where I come up with these ideas I don't know. Actually I do. I love the Art Deco interior of Claridges and I knew that there were some nice prints of screen legends, including Elizabeth Taylor which grace the walls of the bar.

Yes, the drinks were very pricey and we only stayed for a couple but I can now tick it off my places I'd like to see list.  I had the mojito supreme which had a touch of champagne in it. You'll be pleased to know drinks do come with a few bar snacks to keep you going!

Actually the red and green interior was surprisingly similar to that of my own living room! Afterwards we took an amble down Bond Street, popped into Fortnum's where I nearly got caught up in the need to buy overpriced chocolate. As I picked up a chocolate nutcracker and said "oh not bad this is only £18" my husband brought me back down to earth "can you actually hear yourself?" I came away with a hessian bag at £7 instead. Afterwards, we headed down a packed Regents Street towards Chinatown where we had a weird Chinese meal. There was so much choice that I plumped for something I don't normally have king prawns with seasonal vegetables whilst the hubster had bean curd!! Stick to what you know. It was nice but not our normal fayre.

Today, being my birthday and all my lovely friend Emma treated me to lunch and baked me the wonderful cake you see above.  Back to reality tomorrow and back on it.  I bought the dvd of piyo - a combination of yoga and pilates its a 8 week programme which you do 6 out of 7 days. The last for 30 minutes and I figure if I can't prioritise this essential time towards my health then there's no hope!

For more festive London Pics check out my instagram account - link at the right hand side of my blog 

I am determined to complete the programme and I will post the results. I will start Monday on this programme. Last week I did 2 days of weights (30 minutes so not loads of time) and 30 minutes on the stationary bike in the garage.

See you very soon!


  1. Happy Birthday, may this be your year! xxxx

  2. that DVD sounds good.....i may have to check it out!

  3. Many happy returns, Natasha! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

    1. Thank you Carole great to hear from you! x