Monday, 23 November 2015

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yarp its my birthday and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to. Although, I'm not as I've had a bloody awesome birthday! I say birth day but its been a cracking few days.  Firstly though we must get down to business. Last week I lost 1lb - yes ONE whole pound!! This week I put that WHOLE pound back on again. But rest easy folks I am allowed I think.  I weighed in this morning, however, yesterday I was out and about in London with the hubster. We went to Claridges no less. Get me. Now, I'm not really into poncey stuff so we didn't do 'afternoon tea' which if truth be told is just us plebs getting dressed up (or not the amount of people in jeans!) to experience a bit of poshness. Do the posh really have afternoon tea? I'm not so sure.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Are We There Yet?!

This was me last Sunday. I am Donkey in the back. Are we there yet?!  Yarp, much as I love to cycle I wasn't really in the mood for it on Sunday.  I had arranged, with my sister, for myself and my eldest to go for a cycling ramble of some 11 miles along country lanes. Sounds lovely don't it?

My sister, and I quote, said "there's only about 4 hills and lots of downhills" sounds even lovelier right? WRONG! That muder f*&%er.  Lied. She lied good dam it!  More like 4 hills in between all the other hills along the way. At one point, I did contemplate chucking my bike in the bushes like some surly teenager whilst giving her a right hook at the same time. But like an adult, I refrained from moaning continually and peddled on until the end. I am out of shape. I haven't done much exercise since before the summer holidays and my panting up the hills was quite something. I'm sure she thought I was going to have a cardiac arrest of something. I always gasp/pant. I'm not very good at controlling my breathing I'm afraid.

It was actually quite nice but had I known the route prior to getting on my rather heavy halfords bike, I most definitely would have sat in her house, drunk her tea and raided her kitchen cupboards. My husband took the other two for a walk - the longer straw out of the two I'd say.

Even at the end, she proclaims "we're here now" much like those Xmas Dancing Bears who think its Christmas "soon" - her "here now" and my "here now" are two very different things.  My sister's "here now" is about 1.5 miles from her house. My "here now" is when you can see the front door.

In any event, it was great exercise and got my heart rate pumping and my arse back in the saddle. My son had to wait for me along with my mum (who at 66 did a sterling job) and my brother-in-law. My son said he could have gone much faster so I'll let them go off on their own next time!

We finished off by having a rather lovely pub lunch and the kids were very well behaved.  They don't eat out often as waiting for foods with young ones isn't that much fun but they did me proud. In fact, they all rather like the dining out experience.

I also weighed in on Monday and lost 5lbs. Which is great but I did put on during the half term break so next week will be more of a result. I managed a hill walk on Wednesday and will aim for a bike ride tomorrow.

See you soon.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Walking Is Soooo Last Season

But should it be?  It suddenly occurred to me the other night that I walk far less than I have ever done since having my first child some nearly 12 years ago.  When he was born, I made a point of walking when he was due to have a nap, so that I could lose weight. I would walk for at least 4 miles everyday without fail. I'd walk to the supermarket, shops or sometimes just walk to the furthest point and then walk back. I was like Forrest Gump "I think I'll go home now ". Walking was my thang.