Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sugar Sugar....

...oh honey honey as the song goes.  I've been thinking about this recently. Well the last two days gearing myself to just go cold turkey with it.  There's been a lot in the press over the last year or so on sugar making us all fat.  Even Coco Cola have buried a report that says its drinks cause obesity and its not just the full sugar versions - the diet stuff is just as bad for you.  Fizzy drinks are just a no go area for anyone wanting to lose weight or wondering why they're fat when they're eating less but knocking this stuff back. In fact, its probably the worse drink in modern history is it not?

Now, I stopped drinking diet lemonade many moons ago. In fact here's an old post I wrote an age ago all about the fizzy stuff. My dentist put paid to that even though my teeth are still paying the price - literally.

By a strange coincidence one of my friends put a link up on John Goodman - you know the huge American actor who cut out sugar from his diet and is now not so huge.  But how far do you go with this? I mean sugar is in everything well more or less.  Do I say no to wine? No to cordial?  So I googled a bit and the NHS website does have sensible suggestions. Check it out here. They reckon a quarter of our daily sugar intake is coming from drinks i.e sugar in tea (not guilty), pure fruit juices (not guilty), fizzy drinks (not guilty), cordial (GUILTY) and wine (GUILTY).

Also, cereals are a real bastard when it comes to sugar intake. You think you're being all healthy with that granola and all well think again - its packed full of the stuff. I have a small amount of bran flakes but I'm even beginning to think that's not a great start to the day. I think I'll go back to having a natural yoghurt.

Naturally (or unnaturally should I say) cakes, chocolate and biscuits are a no no. I appear to be more attracted to these the older I get. Maybe its because everyone is just surrounded by cake these days - talking about it, watching it, photographing it and making it.  Cake is cool. It has become very fashionable. All these vintage cake shops popping up where you can sit in a chintzy 'vintage' ambience eating 21st century cakes aka huge weight gainers. Cake isn't a treat these days its a daily

Even in Paris you can find a version of our vintage tea room. This is Sugar Plum Cake shop in Paris. Who wouldn't be tempted in?
I started this post 2 days ago so I've gone more or less cold turkey during this time. I have to say I've felt a tad faint and dizzy!! Oh lordy, although I'm told this should pass by day 3. I made my signature blueberry muffins yesterday and a batch of flapjacks and haven't touched a crumb of them. And lunch today with my friend Emma, again, no sweets there. She's normally awash with yummy home made cakes - nope I walked out of there without a slither of sugar induced cake.

I really believe its the key to losing that stubborn belly fat.  Obviously exercise helps and I went for a little jog on Monday and am out on the bike tomorrow but I am concerned about the health implications of visceral fat. This is the fat that surrounds your internal organs and can lead to type 2 diabetes and no one wants that bad boy. Then you have subcutaneous fat - this is the fat that is lying directly under your skin this is the type that they suck away with liposuction. But the easiest way to lose it is by exercise.  For more information on this type of fat I came across wisegeek on the subject.

In other news, my son is embracing secondary with every ounce of his being. He's this little independent soul that is living life to the full. He loves the cycling club he attends every week for 2 hours, plays indoor football for an hour every week, has made the school rugby team, got up on stage for the new parents evening and has just auditioned for a part in Oliver Twist. I'm exhausted just watching him but enjoying it all the same. Oh to have the exuberance of youth with endless possibilities ahead of you.  Not only that but he came first in his time trail and cyclocross mass start race at the weekend. Sometimes, the most unlikely people inspire you. He certainly inspires me to get out on my bike and fit in some exercise.

My other two are keeping me just as busy with their various interests brownies, netball and football! I am very much looking forward to no clubs and what not during half term. We've planned a bake off - a technical and a signature bake for one day.

Finally I'll leave you with an incredible accurate picture of me when I'm ranting or having a row on the internet.

Until next time....


  1. About being surrounded by cake - remember how ther would be a cake for tea at the weekends and a slice after school as long as it lasted? Now it's everyday, any time, anywhere. :( I don't have much added sugar as I prefer savoury tastes but I do have OJ half anf half with plain soda water to make a spritzer. It's not wine but it's more exciting than a cup of tea in the evening. After a big shock on the scales this morning I'm joining you - cold turkey on everything!

    1. Yes you're so right - its everyday for most people now! Yes OJ is loaded with the stuff. Great we can go sugar free together - feeling a bit better today but yesterday I had to lie down with my headache. The stuff is addictive! xx