Friday, 5 June 2015

Weigh In

Am thrilled with another 2lbs down as of Tuesday this week. The scales are moving in the right direction and I continue to run aka jogging 3 x a week.  I did 3 miles on Wednesday and just under on Thursday - I was a bit sluggish as I hadn't ran since Saturday. I don't like to leave it that long before my next run as it doesn't help physically or mentally.  I also don't like doing 2 days on a trot as I find my thighs are still heavy from the previous day. Anyhow, yesterday's run although not 3 miles (2.5), was my fastest time at 12 mins 12 seconds.  I thought the race for life was next week but its the week after so I still have time to try and get into the 11 minutes a mile barrier.  I'm having a rest day today aka ironing and other bits and bobs but if I get I chance I think I'll dig out my kettlebell dvd. I really want to introduce some weights in the week as this really helps with weight loss.  Sunday's bootcamp was cancelled last week so hoping its on for 9 am this Sunday.

We are out tomorrow for a 3rd attempt at 'fine dining' at my sister's - you may recall my abscess hell earlier on in the year. I'm driving so no drinking and will continue to calorie count.

More blog posts to follow but thought I'd check in! I'll leave you with my 5km face...

 I like the ray of sunshine coming in from behind me all saint like for working out.

See you soon!


  1. Great news about the weight loss, you're doing so well!! Enjoy the posh food at Nessa's, photos please! X

    1. Thank you! Yes will be 3 weeks on Monday of properly counting cals etc. Will do re pics x