Saturday, 20 June 2015

Saturday Chit Chat

I'm nearly back! Oh my goodness, what a week! Its been another sick week in The 1970s Diet household. I cannot quite believe the amount my little Buddy has been sick since he joined Reception.  Last Wednesday he threw up so I kept him off school on the Thursday - he went back on the Friday. On Saturday we went to Hever Castle for their 1940s weekend event which was very good, however, Buddy threw up about 4 times during the day which cut our day out a little short.  He was still a bit weak by Sunday but right as rain on Monday.

I, on the other hand, was not sooo good. I'm afraid my title of having the cast iron stomach in the family has be rescinded.  I can no longer have that claim to fame. Nope. I've been taken down by grotty germs from little 5 year olds. I was so bad Monday - whilst throwing up and sitting on the toilet simultaneously with you know what coming out the other end - I said to my husband "I'll be fine to do the school run". Of course, I wasn't and spent the day in bed.  I managed to get up on Tuesday but was still weak. I crawled to school with the kids only to get a call at 10.30 am to say my son had thrown up. Great. I was beginning to see how this was going to play out.  So he threw up every 20 minutes or so until about 6pm.  Early the next morning - 1 am to be precise - my daughter starts throwing up. She is rather dramatic about being ill though so by 7 am with no sleep she starts wailing "god why me?!" "I'm going to die" etc etc. So I have 2 children off. Luckily my neighbour took Buddy to school and back for me.  By Friday they were finally all back at school.

All of this meant that I couldn't run The Race for Life with my son. You know that little race I had been training for since JANUARY!! You know that C25K app that I started for this race - urghhh!! I also had contemplated going to Britmums and good job I hadn't as that would have been another thing I would have missed.  A massive congratulations to my blogging bestie Rachel who won the Fresh Voice award.  She has worked so hard on her blog and its a tranquil place to visit. Check it out here.

I'm still not 100% and have missed a whole week of exercise. I did, however, manage to fit in a bootcamp last Sunday and I did lose -2lbs this week. So its not all bad.

Be back soon...


  1. Hope you're all germ free now, dude. We went through a month or two of us taking it in turns to be ill and it was awful. Thanks for the mention too. Missed you at the weekend x

    1. Yes much better - its awful when that happens but makes me feel better I'm not the only one! Was thinking of you lots at the weekend. You did it! xx