Sunday, 14 June 2015

I Can Talk About It

This clip pretty much sums up my reaction to the General Election.

Was pretty much the month of May. I can honestly say it took me about two weeks to lift my spirits after the General Election.  I can happily report to you dear readers that I can now talk about it. My fellow blogger Sonya over at writes a political round up for Britmums every month but I just couldn't even write about the election. It was that bad. I can normally churn out a political rant faster than any other post - being able to type 120 wpm helps - but my political mojo had just died in the month of May. I couldn't even write for her round up for the month of June so maybe this might make July's edition.

It will come as no surprise to my regular readers that I am left wing. I'm a bit of an armchair communist if truth be told.  My idealistic political views haven't changed that much since I was 17. This is unusual as, by and large, the young tend to be ideological about politics and generally of left wing persuasion. But as they get older, more cynical, more aspirational and more capitalist they jump right on over to the right.  Or as I like to call it, The Dark Side.

What does aspirational mean anyhow? To have nice things? The finer things in life? This normally means working all the hours on a corporate treadmill so you can have a few nice holidays but the rest of your time is nose to the grindstone. I don't really believe this equates to happiness. I was explaining to my 11 year old son that getting good grades and working in a corporate environment, spending hours away from your family (even if you live in a big house and have a nice car) doesn't mean you'll be happy.

I read an excellent article via a friend on facebook this week. It was in the Guardian about aspirational parents wishing this for their children. The title was "Aspirational parents condemn their children to a desperate, joyless life" and a sentence that really resonated with me with children at primary school "play time is over but did it ever really begin?" The full article is here. My grandad used to say you enter this world with nothing and you leave with nothing.

I'm going off on a tangent but my point was why I felt so depressed after the election. I had a mixture of emotions - anger that the British public had become a really nasty bunch - everyone is sponging off the state. Possibly the most successful piece of propaganda asides from Hitler's. Closely followed by immigration is the cause of every problem in the country.  Oh look the immigrant got the job that the British person didn't even apply for.

I was angry at their ignorance of the facts in particular the whole deficit and Labour spending. The Labour party had done a sound job at getting the deficit down (we've never been in the black by the way) prior to the banking collapse which was a world wide collapse. Old George has borrowed more in the 5 years than Labour ever did in the 13 years. The note about 'no money left' was bloody stupid but it is what that department would say to others after the banking crisis. After a while I was less angry and just disappointed that Labour hadn't done anything to counteract the "everything's Labour's fault" stance.

I was angry that people thought the Tory continuation of austerity and their other policies of privatising anything that moves, would really benefit their children. Ultimately I felt they could not see beyond the propaganda. If you genuinely felt the Tories will make the country better for your children why would you think keeping student loan fees at £9,000 a year be beneficial instead of scrapping them? Why would you think selling off affordable housing is a good thing? Why would you think finishing off privitising the NHS be a good thing? WHEN HAS PRIVITISATION EVER BEEN BENEFICIAL TO YOU?! Why would you not want a cap on the amount of rent charged so your child could afford to rent? They haven't got a cat in hell's chance of owning. Do you want your child living with you forever more?

You voted for this?! You want a better future for your child but think spending millions and debating whether or not to come out of Europe and then staying in is a good thing? Getting rid of the Human Rights Act is a good thing for your child? Making school's become Academies so local authorities have no control and self serving companies can profiteer from the education system is a good thing?This country has the 15th fastest growing economy in Europe not the 1st.

I came to the conclusion that the British public were a bunch of wankers.  That the crux of the matter was, they didn't want people they don't know, to have benefits of any kind. My friends, of course, aren't wankers but that's how I felt. Or maybe I'm the wanker. I am, after all, in the minority. Maybe I've got it all wrong. Maybe this is the better life. Maybe everyone should be out for themselves. Who cares if I have lots more than someone else hell I've worked hard for it. Fuck em.

The problem with being left wing is that you are generally more vocal than your right wing counterparts. They are, like Margo said in The Good Life, the silent majority. I always wonder why if you're right wing why you are so quiet. Are you ashamed? Be proud to be a Tory. Be proud.

I get that its not popular to be a Tory. It never has been but is that because deep down people know its not Christian?  If you look at the principles of socialism you can't really argue with it. Or is it because they fear they will get shouted down. I think this is probably the real reason. I have lots of Tory friends on facebook and non of them ever spout any political statuses. The closest my friend Claire has ever come to it, is liking David Cameron's facebook page, which comes up on my newsfeed and always makes me chuckle.

Of course, years ago your political beliefs much like your income, was a private affair. One blogger commented on this. She was shocked at the angry and nasty comments from her left wing facebook friends that she came off facebook. She made a valid point - she was being attacked for the way in which she voted albeit she hadn't made it public. However, these days we blog, we tweet, we write what we did today, hell we take pictures and upload them for strangers to comment.

We tell everyone everything so it should come as no surprise that people were going to vent their rage at people's political decision. I tend to rant about Tory policy not my individual friends that voted for them. Yes, I have changed since I was 17 - at that age I would have rammed my views down your throat now I just smile, nod and internally think you're wrong.

People are entitled to vote for who they like. I resepct that even if I don't respect their thought process in reaching that decision. I accept that its unlikely that I'll ever change their political mindset. People believe what they're told and didn't Hitler's propaganda minister get it absolutely right when he said

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels

This is the Tories mantra. Whilst the venom on facebook wasn't right and no one should be attacked for their political beliefs, I do understand the anger of the Labour voter. 

I am no longer angry. I have accepted that it is unlikely that a Labour government will ever come to power. A socialist party will certainly never come to power. How can that happen when we have a Royal Family? We have a country that is happy to pay for a family to live with an obscene amount of wealth and we will happily wave at them and comment on what they look like. The French, and how we love to slag them off, at least saw the injustice of their people living in poverty whilst their royal family were lauding it up. We, on the other hand, were quite happy to wave to Queen Victoria whilst she was equally happy to have her subjects rotting in Workhouses. By the way, Labour saw fit to get rid of these houses - what a shower they are!

And finally, Sonya asked why bloggers don't write about politics as we all have a political opinion. I'll tell you why. Politics is the one thing that you can't sit on the fence with. Blogging is a parasitic industry. You have to be liked and not upset people if you want paid opportunities for your blog. You have to, therefore, appeal to the masses being honest about politics opens you up to all sorts of arguments and that's not good for business. Companies are not going to want to advertise their product on a political blog.

Even if you write what would be perceived as a controversial post - you can still put sweeteners in and back track. You can't with politics.  Bloggers need to like each other - they comment on blogs not out of the goodness of their hearts but to get links back to their blog. If you look at a successful blog most of the comments are from other bloggers. Bloggers need a good domain authority which equates to getting stuff for free and also paid work. One day I suspect the marketing companies might cotton on to the fact that bloggers have created their own little niche market. The bloggers readers are bloggers not general members of the public. But shhhh I won't tell anyone if you don't.

So there you have it, my bleated political rant. I am over the General Election. 

As you were...

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