Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ebay Buyer Rant and Weigh In!

A double bill today for you all folks. Urgh 1lb on!! I haven't ran for two weeks following on from the sickness bug in our house. I feel much better and hope to get back on the running train for Friday. I'm sorting out a new playlist and everything. Proper hardcore! As you can see from my beautiful scrawl above - I have logged all my food etc religiously since I stepped up my attitude and mojo. The week I was ill  I didn't log my food. See below

Now, for the first part of that week I didn't eat a lot anyway and what I did eat was swiftly thrown up. However, I ate properly again from Friday onwards and I didn't count anything. I was trying to get my strength back up and ate a fair bit of bread.

I'm not going to dwell on it - I'm back to logging and know I'll lose next week.  I even had a slim dream last night! That has never happened to me. For starters, in my dreams I never see myself. I dream looking at people if that makes sense. You know, like if you were behind the video camera. My husband says this is bizarre and he doesn't see how its possible. I said he's clearly vain if he needs to look at himself in a dream! I find that bizarre. How do you dream? Am a fruit cake?  I digress (possibly my most overused phrase on my blog) whilst I couldn't see myself slim I was slim and could feel myself all slim like.

In other news, I had a bit of a clear out on ebay and remind me again NOT to be a seller on ebay. I've been with them since 2002. I'm an old timer. I occasionally sell on there but by and large I'm a buyer. I buy stuff. Anyhow, I had a clear out of the kids clothes and tend to put things on as 'buy it now'. I can't be doing with all that auction bollocks. Do you want it or not? Buy it now then. Don't play games with me.

I include free postage and everything now that I have got to grips with charging proper like.  I've come over all London today innit. Remember when I was paying the buyer to take the item? There was a time that it was costing me more to sell on there. Yes me and postage are now down to a fine art. Also, I tend to sell things that can fit in an A5 or A3 envelope and can be squeezed into the post box. Anything bigger I either drop the parcel into the post office and leg it - otherwise you get an integration on whether or not you're trying to defraud the 'Royal Mail'. You know that privatised institution that was sold off cheap.  Or I use Hermes as they come to your door and are cheaper than Royal Mail.

In any event, one of my daughter's dresses a size 7-8 was up for sale and sold for the grand some of £5 including postage. I get a shirty email 2 days after I posted it, 1st class and not 2nd (you're welcomes) as I had listed, that the dress was more like 2-3 years. In fact here's the email here.

Hi, I recieved this item today, it states it 7-8 years, however I have a small 7 year old, and it's the same length as a top that se would wear, I would say it's 2-3 years. The label is cut out so I cannot check, but it's clearly not 7-8 years? Please can I have a refund? As listed incorrectly and no use to me, happy to send it back, but the seller is responsible for return postage as its your error. Thanks

You have got to be kidding me. Check out the tone! Naturally I told the buyer that it clearly wasn't for a toddler you twat (okay I didn't say that) and sent pictures of my daughter wearing the dress. So enraged I didn't care for the fact that a random stranger was now getting 4 pictures of my daughter on holiday.

The buyer choses to ignore the FUCKING obvious and proceeds to tell my I'm rude. A quick search on facebook and I find my buyer and all her PUBLIC pictures of her children. She doesn't have a giant 'small' (as she claimed) 7 year old. The dress would fit easily.  She becomes most hysterical saying that would be stalking. Listen love if you join a public social media platform then you agree to strangers looking you up. Get this, she's taken the moral high ground as she isn't going to send a picture of her child struggling to get into the dress. I didn't need to see her face or the random 4 year old she claimed couldn't wear it.  And yet, she had semi naked pictures of her 3 children as her cover photo on facebook. Society cannot function this way!!

Like you've never done that before and besides stalking is when you're interested in someone.  This Walter Mitty character then says she's not on facebook anyway. Oh the lies, the web of merry lies you weave.  What a complete muppet.

My husband says its only £5 and I'm like its not the point she's a darn liar!! I know. I know. Normal mortals would have just bent over and given her the fiver back. Clearly she's hard up but I just can't. Besides she already left me negative feedback as she has done with other buyers. No doubt ebay will refund her - by all accounts all the returns etc and cases are dealt with computers and not real people.
Stop the maddness!! Undeterred I whacked on a few more ebay items on this week. Don't let one nasty biatch of a seller deter you my friends.

Besides what would I talk to you all about.  I am definitely running tomorrow and it may kill be. If it does its been nice knowing you all.

Ta ta for now

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