Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tuesday Weigh In

+2lbs on. I think my weekend away has caught up although I didn't weigh in last week so no excuses really.  I have still not started to track my food intake on my fitness pal so if I do one thing, from tomorrow onwards, its going to be this.  I was a tad busy (as ever) last week with preparations for my son's 5th birthday party - not to mention a bit of a slap dash spiderman cake. In fact, there you have the 2lb gain - party food nibbles and wine afterwards. I had 2 x slices of the cake and I'm going to have to chuck some of it out as there's so much left over. Here are the kids efforts for the cupcakes. Honest!

I have been back on the running front to try and catch up a bit and to redeem myself. I ran nearly 2 miles yesterday at a more respectable (albeit very slow 13 minutes a mile) and then today I ran 1.5 miles. I always seem to be worse the day after a run - I don't feel as puffed out but my thighs are very heavy. I'm going to attempt to run nearer the 3 miles on Friday. I think I have 5 weeks until the Race for Life but I'm going to carry on running 3 x week 3 miles afterwards.

So action plan is my fitness pal for all of next week and 3 x 3 mile runs and if I don't lose the 2lb plus some more I shall shut down my blog!

See you very soon with a post on blogging competition etiquette....

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