Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tuesday and The Chimp Weigh In

-1lb. Which is not good enough!  I have taken action. No more procrastinating. Enter The Chimp Paradox. You may remember that I read this book and took some good points from it and then....promptly forgot it all. Well today, whilst writing down my food intake (yes have belatedly started to fill in my fitness pal since yesterday), I noticed I had made quite a few notes and how to get myself into the high performance machine that I once used to be - like 12 years ago.  I'm vintage don't you know. Actually I was never a high performance machine although I did swim 5 x a week and after my second child I worked out 4 x so maybe I was. Yes, actually I was a high performance machine.  Back to it.

Anyhow here is my beach body guide to losing 2 stone by August - the time of my jollies.

  • Your Chimp (yes the one that just shoves anything into your gob without thinking) wants instant gratification. It doesn't think of the consequences and is purely emotional. You need to ditch the Chimp on a diet and bring back your human that knows the consequences of eating too much = fat bird.
  • Manage your Chimp!
  • CORE - C - commitment, O - ownership, R - responsibility, E - excellence. Remember this or look at this everyday.
  • Count Calories - what you eat is a massive 80% of your weight loss.  You can't out train a bad diet. The sums will not add up.  
  • Work out what is Essential to lose weight, Significant and Desirable. I think counting calories is Essential, Significant is exercise and making time, Desirable would be support from others.
  • Replace Why with How - Why can't I lose weight? Replace with How can I lose weight?
  • Hurdles - what are they? Bad weather? Night out? Learn to jump them. Barriers - these can be removed - negative people. Spend time with people who support you and Pitfalls - temptation.
  • Have a goal - cliche but so true. What do you want to achieve by June, July and August?
  • What do you want to achieve and why? Then How?
  • Act motivated even when you're not. Pretend you are!
So taking all that into account. My calorie counting is my number one priority. I read an excellent article on weight loss. Its by far the best and easy to read that I have come across. Check it out on Simply Get Fit. The title of the post is How to lose several stone the right way.

Whilst browsing on line today, I also came across this lovely young lady at fatgirlrunning.co.uk  - which makes for a great read.  

I am going to attend a bootcamp, which is held outside on Sunday morning at 9.00 am. They run with tyres around their waists! It looks like great fun but is probably exhausting. I'm off for another jog tomorrow although I seem to be going backwards in the length of time I can run. On Monday, it was only 15 minutes but then it was pouring down with rain, I was on dog alert and my ipod headphones kept dropping out. Oh that sounds like my Chimp talking.... 

See you soon...


  1. Love the Chimp analogy! What's a group of chimps called as I feel I have more than one shoving food in my gob. Actually, I've lost my post op weight with Slimming World after spending weeks (months), lounging around, stuffing my face. Need to get back on it and ignore the chimp. Very inspirational and helpful post. xx

    1. I think it works very well and if its good enough for Bradley Wiggins..! Glad to hear you are recovering well - manage that chimp! xx