Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Chit Chat

Well, well, well  - I have worked out 4 x this week!  I ran on Monday (not a great one - see previous post on that one), Wednesday I was on fire running without stopping for 25 minutes for 2 miles and Friday it was 2.5 miles. I now know I have to run 4 laps of the park at the bottom of my road to make it to 3 miles.  To finish it off, I attended a different boot camp today at 9 am, on the green near where I live.

There were about 8 ladies and a token bloke - it was a great workout and fun. The warm up was running three laps of the block. I always wonder why trainers don't get you to warm up before doing this - if I hadn't been running recently this would have given me instant shin splints. I've just looked it up and by all accounts static warm ups are old hat and jogging is as effective. So there you have it.  Anyhow, after that was a little stretching then it was straight into the circuit training. A minute on each station. I like circuit training as it mixes it up a bit.

So we had leg raises, squats with car tyres (we used the tyres a lot - which I loved), press ups over a flat ladder, running with a tyre, burpees, tyre hops then running, moving a huge rope up and down in a wavy motion and so on. To finish off we had to do 3 x laps of round the block with the tyres!  I don't ache as much as that boot camp I did last year but my thighs are feeling it a bit at the moment. I took the kids out to the park after lunch and to be honest I could do with a nap. I feel a tad tired.

Next week, even with it being half term and all, I will need to jog at least 2 x 3 miles and there's also another boot camp at 7pm on Wednesday which I quite fancy. My son wants to tag along too as he's big into his fitness at the mo.

I've also logged all my food for 7 days in a row.  I have eaten very clean, as all the trainers like to say,  no crisps, chocolate, cake etc and have been under my calorie allowance every day. I have not taken into account any of my exercise as that defeats the object really.  I am guaranteed a weight loss on Tuesday for sure. Or surely? I think my chimp peep talk is working a treat - I forgot to mention also that I find Pinterest great for motivation quotes (which I don't usually like) on fitness and dieting.

I have given myself until August to lose 2 stone and then another 2 stone up till November.

In other news, getting use out of our National Trust membership, we headed off to Sheffield Park yesterday. It was a lovely day out - we walked through the fields with cows and sheep which the kids loved.  We easily walked about 3 miles. I totally forgot it was a Bank Holiday tomorrow so will have to forgo my cheap tickets to see Big Hero 6 (in any event it comes out on DVD tomorrow) - we are going to the beach instead. Whoop!

See you shortly for my post on Top Tips for Travelling to France a la kids!


  1. That all sounds very energetic woman but I am sure that it will help you reach your target weight. I have invested in a Fitbit and I am fascinated by how many calories make their way into my body on an average day without me realising.

    1. I would certainly hope so the effort I'm putting in! Ha ha re calories yes I think people are a bit deluded about the amount they eat calorie wise! x

  2. Hope you had a fab day at the beach, we went today as well adn I also adore Sheffield Park. You keep coming to my neck of the woods but I'm sure you don't live round here? Maybe be can meet at an NT place in the summer sometime. Well done with all that exercise and clean eating. Mich x

    1. I know we do seem to be heading that way with our NT membership we like to try different places or ones we haven't been to for ages - this one was about 12 years ago! I would love to meet up at an NT place in the summer xx