Friday, 29 May 2015

Friday Catch Up

Firstly, apologies for the belated Tuesday weigh in - I wanted to get the Top Travelling Tips to France written (which took a while!) and also its been half term week. Busy, busy busy.  Anyhow, I'm down 2lb. The scales momentarily showed a much bigger loss but then it went to a -2lb loss so am happy with that. I'm still continuing with logging all my food intake and have been in deficit all week.  But even better than that....I ran 3.1 miles yesterday!
So pleased with myself albeit it was a slow 12 mins 49 seconds a mile - the distance has been more important to me rather than the time.  I ran 2.91 miles on Wednesday at 12 mins 58 seconds a mile - so I've actually got faster and over a longer distance in the space of 2 days. I've had to go in the evening as the kids are off. Tomorrow I'll run another 3 miles and on Sunday I have my boot camp. I need to stay focused over the weekend to have a nice loss on Monday again.

We've had days out this week and some rainy day baking (lemon raspberry bundt cake) - normally that would equate to a stay the same in the weight department or a slight gain. We went to Dymchurch on the Bank Holiday Monday - we haven't been for years but its lovely down there "a children's paradise" so says the sign.  You have miles of sandy beaches, donkey rides, amusements and a little fun fair. It is a children's paradise! Well mine thought so in any event. They loved the 2p tipping point machines (shhh so do I), bumper cars, haunted house and the log fume. Here's us all getting absolutely drenched!

Later on in the week, I met my fabulous Auntie Pam who had my cousin's twins with her at Tilgate Park.  It was a glorious day and my eldest got to see an Otter in the nature reserve. I had decided one evening that our movie night should be the 1979 film 'Tarka The Otter'. I found it on youtube and thought the story of Tarka, the narration, the wildlife, cinematography and story would make for a memorable movie night. It did but not in the way I hoped.

I couldn't remember if Tarka got away at the end although I was pretty sure he did die so I pre-warned the kids that it was quite sad but was still a good film. Well, I hadn't remembered from my childhood that Tarka's dad is the first to die. This wasn't too bad and I explained that as parents you want your child to survive etc. I also forgot that his mum gets shot by the farmer, is hung from the fence with blood dripping down her face with Tarka squealing in an otter "my mum's been killed in a ruthless fashion" voice. My daughter breaks down at this point and leaves the room. My eldest perseveres although does say at various points "this is the saddest film I've ever seen" especially when Tarka gets rejected by his girlfriend.

In the end, Tarka does kill Deadlock the hunting dog and all you see is bubbles in the water. Of course, Tarka has come a cropper but in a desperate bid to save our movie night, I said to my son he might have got away. Tarka's a hero! I also explained that people aren't allowed to hunt Otters now for fun (they were seen as vermin killing salmon, chickens, eels etc) and they are now protected. I think he was more upset about the hunters doing it for fun shouting "Tallyhoe" So, to cut a long story short he was delighted to see a couple of Otters in the nature reserve.

Kids just aren't as sturdy as us 70s/80s children are they? They've been wrapped in cotton wool - its tough out there! We all watched Tarka - it was a sad film but its one I've always remembered. I'll wait a little while before I dig out Kes (my all time favourite gritty 70s childhood film - made in 1969) in the meantime, where did I put that 1978 classic Watership Down....

See you soon..


  1. just don't watch Bambi,,,,, xx

    1. I have it on DVD and we still haven't watched it - definitely is on the list! x