Friday, 29 May 2015

Friday Catch Up

Firstly, apologies for the belated Tuesday weigh in - I wanted to get the Top Travelling Tips to France written (which took a while!) and also its been half term week. Busy, busy busy.  Anyhow, I'm down 2lb. The scales momentarily showed a much bigger loss but then it went to a -2lb loss so am happy with that. I'm still continuing with logging all my food intake and have been in deficit all week.  But even better than that....I ran 3.1 miles yesterday!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Top Tips for Travelling to France by Car

Whilst this guide is written with families in mind, in particular, my friend who is travelling for the first time - I feel it's applicable to anyone wishing to have a road trip this year. 

We have been travelling to France since our eldest was 6 (he's now 11), my youngest 4 and Buddy who was 3 months old on his first European holiday.  I have flown before when our eldest was 18 months old which was a horrific experience which I've written about in this post. I still cannot talk about it. It still haunts us some 10 years on! This blog post also details our very first trip to Brittany, France and how we totally under estimated the sheer size of the country compared to the UK.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday Chit Chat

Well, well, well  - I have worked out 4 x this week!  I ran on Monday (not a great one - see previous post on that one), Wednesday I was on fire running without stopping for 25 minutes for 2 miles and Friday it was 2.5 miles. I now know I have to run 4 laps of the park at the bottom of my road to make it to 3 miles.  To finish it off, I attended a different boot camp today at 9 am, on the green near where I live.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tuesday and The Chimp Weigh In

-1lb. Which is not good enough!  I have taken action. No more procrastinating. Enter The Chimp Paradox. You may remember that I read this book and took some good points from it and then....promptly forgot it all. Well today, whilst writing down my food intake (yes have belatedly started to fill in my fitness pal since yesterday), I noticed I had made quite a few notes and how to get myself into the high performance machine that I once used to be - like 12 years ago.  I'm vintage don't you know. Actually I was never a high performance machine although I did swim 5 x a week and after my second child I worked out 4 x so maybe I was. Yes, actually I was a high performance machine.  Back to it.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Blogging Competition Etiquette

Is there such a thing? Should there be? I don't enter many competitions as I don't have that much time and I don't tend to win them. Those two things make a winning combination of.. not winning anything. Also when I've entered a competition and seen the winner I'm like how!? It wasn't as good as mine. Come on bloggers you've all thought it. However, one competition did take my fancy, a weekend break in London with 2 adults and 2 children.  Although I have 3 children and haven't quite worked out the logistics of sneaking in the back door or confronting this head on but still. I'm sure it'll all be academic as its unlikely I will be the chosen one - cue violins.

So, I was a bit miffed when my blog post which started with Dr Samuel Johnson's take on London had also featured in a post much further down the enter line i.e at a later date. When I entered the competition I was the second one to do so with about a week to go. Great, I thought, a 1 in 2 chance of winning. I have to be in with a shot right? Cue lots of late entries - my goodness they couldn't get them in quick enough with various degrees on one upmanship. I now get it - you wait until the last knockins' to enter a competition so you can have a gander and take bits and pieces from other posts. Honestly it was like an Ebay auction coming to an end. I'm fairly confident that most will have a look at what others have written. I did. Albeit there was only one other. I thought you cocksucker. You've nicked my train of thought and taken it down a different platform.

P.S If you are offended by this word then you really shouldn't. If you still are then read this previous post on my love for it.

Now I wasn't in full rant mode not even mild I just thought come on how about a bit of competition etiquette? As now I'm pretty sure we both won't be considered as we've both written about the same thing. Then I always think what I would do in this situation.  I know if I'd seen someone else write about the same thing which was, lets face it, very specific I would have thought oh well I can't write that now. I'll have to conjure up something better. Now, the blogger may well argue they were always going to write this and I'm sure they were. They might say I never saw the post and I'd say that old chestnut. But really you should have changed tact. That was the decent thing to do.  Of course, if they didn't see it then it is merely a coincidence and I'm sorry I've just called you a cocksucker.

Having said this and to prove I'm not a bitter old cow I did have a gander at her blog and her bio and thought actually she probably needs the break more than I do. So even though I felt I was right royally shafted (was that a word in 1775?) you can have my weekend break. There's plenty more competitions where they come from.  Now that I know the etiquette and all which is:-
  • Enter at the last knockins' so you can do better than the next one.
  • Show no mercy if someone's written what you were going to - pled ignorance and write it anyway.
  • If someone has come at it from a different angle steal that idea and write it better.
  • Sacrifice any shred of dignity and family privacy by putting as many happy family pictures up as possible. Be a dancing bear.
  • Think about whether or not the judges will take into account the type of blog you have and readership. Is there really any point entering?  I don't plaster pictures of my children all over the place - so will I really win a family day out to Legoland with no pictures of the kids queuing for hours on end with a forced 'we're really pleased about this' smile for the blog? I think not.
  • If all else fails put a minimal amount of effort in - that normally guarantees a win.
Since writing this post, as predicted, we both didn't win the prize. Although it could actually be that they were both shite! However, I did win a post about about eating cake (funny that) and got myself a £100 John Lewis voucher and  I didn't do any of the above.

As you were.

This post was written under my Alter Ego 'The Bad Ass Blogger' or 'The Bitter Blogger' I can't decide which. If you'd liked to see more of the Bad Ass Blogger then let me know! I might just make it a regular feature! 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tuesday Weigh In

+2lbs on. I think my weekend away has caught up although I didn't weigh in last week so no excuses really.  I have still not started to track my food intake on my fitness pal so if I do one thing, from tomorrow onwards, its going to be this.  I was a tad busy (as ever) last week with preparations for my son's 5th birthday party - not to mention a bit of a slap dash spiderman cake. In fact, there you have the 2lb gain - party food nibbles and wine afterwards. I had 2 x slices of the cake and I'm going to have to chuck some of it out as there's so much left over. Here are the kids efforts for the cupcakes. Honest!

I have been back on the running front to try and catch up a bit and to redeem myself. I ran nearly 2 miles yesterday at a more respectable (albeit very slow 13 minutes a mile) and then today I ran 1.5 miles. I always seem to be worse the day after a run - I don't feel as puffed out but my thighs are very heavy. I'm going to attempt to run nearer the 3 miles on Friday. I think I have 5 weeks until the Race for Life but I'm going to carry on running 3 x week 3 miles afterwards.

So action plan is my fitness pal for all of next week and 3 x 3 mile runs and if I don't lose the 2lb plus some more I shall shut down my blog!

See you very soon with a post on blogging competition etiquette....

Monday, 11 May 2015

Ou Est La Gare?! Part II

Saturday was jammed packed on the culture vulture front. We didn't eat breakfast at our hotel at 30 euros a pop we gave it a miss and headed for one of the boulangeries by the old port. The weather was glorious so I purchased some much needed sun cream and booked tickets for the boat that would take us to see the Calanques.

I hate boats. I get sea sick on boats but I was determined to get on one to see the beauty of the landscape. I was fine in the harbour. Less so once we were in open water. I didn't throw up, although the French lady next to me did, at least 3 x and then remained in the toilet for the rest of the journey. Her husband was less than impressed when we got off the boat but seriously people, its not a psychological illness, sea sickness its very real!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Ou Est La Gare?!

Yes, my favourite all time French question that I've never used or likely to use since I left school many moons ago. I always have an urge to say it - it makes me chuckle - whenever I'm in France. However, it never comes in handy on our yearly road trips but this time I could really use it!

On Friday 1st May, my husband and I took the inaugural Eurostar train direct from London St Pancras direct to Marseille. Yes, you heard that right. Not to Paris, Brussels or Lille but to the South of France. As south as you can go. Right down to the Mediterranean without getting off the train.

We had an early start on the Friday - 7.15 am to be precise. This would have meant leaving home exceedingly early. Anything before 6.00 am is the middle of the night as far as I'm concerned. So, we stayed overnight in the Premier Inn, right next to St Pancras. The mini-break started on Thursday night. I don't get out often or go away so the prospect of sleeping in a Premier Inn is exciting. The whole check in, large made bed (which was very comfy) and watching television in said bed made me whoop. Bliss. Even passing this Hotel to get to the Premier Inn did not dampen my spirits.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tuesday Weigh In

And I haven't done it! I think its the same after our 4 day mini break to Marseille. We had a fabulous time which will be written in a separate (maybe two) post this week. We did lots of sightseeing which involved lots of walking, trams, buses and the metro. I think this may have counter balanced the eating side of things. I don't normally have 3 cheese mussels and frites for lunch don't you know.