Sunday, 26 April 2015


In my best Del Boy boy 'chusty' voice - I was sent this new Breville 'perfect fit for Warburtons Bread' 4 slice toaster to review which is currently retailing on Amazon (a firm favorite for online shopping for me) for £55.96. The unique selling feature is that it toasts all the way to the top - so the white bit you can get with other toasters is gone.

The depth of the toaster allows for this to happen.  You can also change the width settings inside the toaster by moving the groves along.  This is very easy to do and allows you to toast different widths of bread. But the best thing about this toaster is that you can lift the toast up to see how its getting along without hitting the button to cancel toasting.  For me, this is its unique selling point and I loved this function on it. 

Here is this bad boy outside its box - its very retro looking, light and shiny. I would prefer a cream version like the rest of my kitchen accessories. Toasters have come a long way since the 1970s - check this little number out I found on Pinterest.

This is the toast using Warburtons bread (you get a 20p voucher off a loaf within the box). I'm not sure if I had the setting too high but the toast is more toasty at the top than at the bottom. Although it certainly is covered and my son said the toast was perfect. He is a right fussy eater and if he says its okay believe me - its okay. We then toasted a teddy bear crumpet and he turned out just fine and to the edge - see his little arm all toasty.

Whilst writing this review it got me thinking about the good old Breville sandwich toaster - we used to love having our cheese toastie sandwiches at our nan's house. So for a bit of nostalgia I shall leave you with a classic 1970s Breville sandwich toaster. 

I was given a Breville Toaster free of charge for the purpose of this review.  My views are honest and opinions are my own.  The toaster is now sitting proudly in my friends kitchen as she was in need of a new one and it gets a big thumbs up from her. 

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