Monday, 6 April 2015

Saturday RAGE!!

I'm going right in for this one.  I'd already "gone all political" this week on twitter (an early morning one at that) as Nikki from stressy mummy tentatively asked. She can sniff out a twitter rage a mile off so she can. She knows me too well. I was all primed for writing about zero hours contracts until my RageOmeter went off the scale.

This god awful 1980s hideous dress stopped me in my tracks whilst en route to the coffee shop with my daughter.

We were due a girly time morning. She'd given up hot chocolate for lent and whilst it was a day early she celebrated by......having a hot chocolate! I'm very proud of her - I've yet to give up anything for 40 days.

Anyhow, this ghastly number, a scaled down Princess Di circa 1980s number took pride of place in our local charity shop. Now, nothing unusual about stopping in your tracks on the sight of ghastly items that you'd never buy in a charity shop but the price was. Wait for it.

Yes, You read that correctly. You to can buy a circa.1980s wedding dress for the 21st century price of £150. You have got to be kidding me. Had it not been for my inner calm, my outer scrappy doo was in full "lemmee at em" mode itching to get in and demand to know who was the magician that conjured up the price of this item. I want their heads! Was it a joint decision? Did you all congregate around ebay and think mmmm if you can buy a 2015 knock off designer dress from China for £150 then you can buy a wedding dress that has been sitting in the loft for the best part of 35 years. Seriously what planet does these people live on? I'll tell you. The ones that think we're a charity shop therefore we'll put extortionate prices on items that are non-negtioable because no one's going to argue.

No one is going to argue with the salaried manager and all the other mangers that get paid in these organisations.  I've raged about this before and I'll rage about it again. Charity works both ways. You've been donated these items. You haven't paid for these items. There are people out there that NEED to find a bargain. That don't have a lot of money. The charity shop was the one place they could go and pick up something for 50p. God dammit they could get an entire outfit for 50p! NOTHING in a charity shop should be priced at £150. You'll still make money, you'll still raise money for charity but you won't be shafting every frigging customer that comes into your musty smelling shop.

I did actually write to this charity shops head office. They replied saying this shop makes the most money in the area. YOU DON'T SAY and basically we're a charity blah blah.  The same shop was selling a dolls house for... you've guessed it...£150. Maybe its their if in doubt whack it on for £150 figure.

Whilst I'm on my charity rampage can I also say to Battersea Dogs home STOP sending people around with their Battersea Dogs Home bibs knocking on my door at teatime. I've checked out your website and you give your reasons why you think its okay to ask people for money at their abode. Well I'm telling you on my website that its just wrong.  There are plenty of other ways to raise money (please see my local charity shop I'm sure you could ask a percentage of all wedding dress sales).

I've had them round at least 3 times now. I don't want to donate money to Battersea Dogs home. Sorry. Nothing personal just my choice. Its hard for a lot of people to say no when you've got people on your doorstep asking for money. No wonder its very successful but its not morally right.

We watched the Golden Compass last night. Can I suggest that the people that are PAID to make the decisions at these 'charity' organisations go and buy a Moral Compass. They cost about.....let us say.....£150.

As you were.

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