Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wednesday Weigh In


-2lb. Go me. Although my belly is still huge but I definitely noticed the width of me has reduced in the hips and bum.  I'm thinking of joining a kettlebell class that is near me to mix it up a bit.  Last week, I only managed two jogs and I couldn't complete the 30 minutes that was required of me in my final week on C25K. I only managed 15 minutes and was exhausted. I jogged today (first time this week) and in the rain no less. I actually enjoyed running in the rain as I find the sun makes me even more tired.  Anyhow, I completed the 30 minutes!

Now it wasn't fast by any stretch of the imagination but I completed my goal of jogging without stopping.  I am going for a repeat performance tomorrow. I have improved on the food front but still could do so much better.  I hope that I can stay the same for next week as we are off to Marseille on Friday for a long weekend.

I needed a new lightweight jacket for the Spring/Summer as my parka for the school run doesn't quite cut it on a weekend break - I found this little number by Next which is idea and has a lovely cut to it.

I then thought I need a little day cross body bag and thought this was ideal. What do you think?

Its been another busy week on the school front - SATS preparations and tonight I headed up to my son's high school that he'll be attending in September. The next stage of parenting is about to commence - the high school years. Something tells me this will be the trickiest.  My son is really excited about moving on up and the facilities at this school are amazing.  So whilst I am excited to be going away sans children there is an awful lot to do before you go.  And to add to it my youngest came home poorly today from school and has been in bed since 5.30pm - wonderful timing!

I'm sorry this is a short blog post but see above! I shall sign off and return next week.

See you then!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Effing Endoscopy!

So, yesterday I had the lovely experience of an Endoscopy procedure down my throat. Now, prior to my information leaflet from the NHS, I was a tad apprehensive about having a 50cm tube rammed down my throat to have a good old poke around. The leaflet reassured me that it wouldn't be rammed down my throat. I would, in fact, be sedated. Not totally out of it, but enough out of it to not know much of what was going on. In fact, someone who had had the procedure, told me she couldn't remember a thing about it and was much nicer than having a tube up the other end.


In my best Del Boy boy 'chusty' voice - I was sent this new Breville 'perfect fit for Warburtons Bread' 4 slice toaster to review which is currently retailing on Amazon (a firm favorite for online shopping for me) for £55.96. The unique selling feature is that it toasts all the way to the top - so the white bit you can get with other toasters is gone.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wednesday Weigh In

Its normally Tuesday and this is really Tuesday's weigh in. So its 1lb down again. Bit frustrating but then again, I haven't really go going with the food logging on 'my fitness pal'. Still all good.  I'm hoping that the numbers will come down by 2lb as now that I'm into Week 8 of the C25K - can't believe its the last week. Although I did have a 4 week absence at the start of the year what with all the sickness. I'm glad I stuck it out. Having said this, Monday wasn't a great jog.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Saturday Chit Chat

Ekk sorry its been nearly a week!! I can't believe it. I had every intention this week to do a couple of posts but the week has just flown by.  Without further ado I lost 1lb.  I really thought I might have added a few more to my Easter collection of pounds so I was happy with that.  I have jogged 3 x this week having now completed Week 7 of the C25K app. I'm pleased to say that my knee feels much better. I think it was more the muscle just above the kneecap. There are a few steep inclines on my usual route which can take its toll.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Strap On!

Matron! I've bought a strap on - no not that type - one for my knee. I jogged on Monday for 20 odd minutes and my left knee has had some slight discomfort ever since then. I bloody well knew it. Taking up jogging at age 41 has got to be high up there on my list of stupid ideas.  My whole being was screaming at me that this wasn't a good idea. But I thought I'd give it a go as everyone raves on about it including the ones who's knees are well and truly fucked.  Anyhow, I'm not totally undeterred.  I think I may have just over stretched it as it was the longest I've been able to jog and it was up a very steep incline. I now get more pain when I walk up hill or upstairs. Having said that my thighs are still aching so it may just be a knock on effect from that.

Friday, 10 April 2015

The 1950s Diet

Now if you truly want to lose weight in the most grim fashion then forget about the 1970s diet - think 1950s. During the Easter Holidays, my son and I have been watching the BBC programme "Back in Time for Dinner". Essentially a family go back in time to eat foods from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s.

The food on offer for the majority of the 1950s was pretty dire, Very bland and not much of it because rationing was still in place for nearly 10 years after the war ended. Did you also know that America wanted its 50 billion dollars back straight away? Did you also know that this country has never been in the black. Just saying. Anyhow, the 1950s were a bleak time for the dinner plate. Whilst we did eat more fat we hardly had any sugar - now studies show that fat isn't actually that bad for you. Its the sugar that is the problem. People certainly weren't as fat as they are today.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tuesday Weigh In

3lbs ON!! I have eaten chocolate. I have heartburn. I have had a fantastic Easter. I now have 4 weeks to shift this and some before myself and Mr 1970s go off for a little pre-anniversary weekend break. Surprisingly enough I don't feel 3lbs heavier - in fact my jeans feel loose?!

On the plus side, I have also managed to jog 3 x last week and yesterday started Week 7 day 1 of the C25K app. Yes people that's jogging for 24 minutes. Now my son has taken to coming out with me and we didn't quite manage 24 minutes it was more like 20 minutes.  I'm still very slow - approx 14 mins a mile but still better than not doing anything.  When the kids go back next week I'll be entering into Week 8. I don't enjoy it that much now its harder and longer but hopefully that'll change.

I have so enjoyed these Easter Holidays.  I've pinched this picture from my friend Barbara who keeps it simple and elegant at Easter. I feel the Easter Holidays are better than Xmas as you can get out and about and do such more. Plus the pressure is off. Mind you, judging by my Facebook timeline on Easter Sunday you'd have thought Easter was now on a par with Christmas.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Saturday RAGE!!

I'm going right in for this one.  I'd already "gone all political" this week on twitter (an early morning one at that) as Nikki from stressy mummy tentatively asked. She can sniff out a twitter rage a mile off so she can. She knows me too well. I was all primed for writing about zero hours contracts until my RageOmeter went off the scale.

This god awful 1980s hideous dress stopped me in my tracks whilst en route to the coffee shop with my daughter.

We were due a girly time morning. She'd given up hot chocolate for lent and whilst it was a day early she celebrated by......having a hot chocolate! I'm very proud of her - I've yet to give up anything for 40 days.

Anyhow, this ghastly number, a scaled down Princess Di circa 1980s number took pride of place in our local charity shop. Now, nothing unusual about stopping in your tracks on the sight of ghastly items that you'd never buy in a charity shop but the price was. Wait for it.

Yes, You read that correctly. You to can buy a circa.1980s wedding dress for the 21st century price of £150. You have got to be kidding me. Had it not been for my inner calm, my outer scrappy doo was in full "lemmee at em" mode itching to get in and demand to know who was the magician that conjured up the price of this item. I want their heads! Was it a joint decision? Did you all congregate around ebay and think mmmm if you can buy a 2015 knock off designer dress from China for £150 then you can buy a wedding dress that has been sitting in the loft for the best part of 35 years. Seriously what planet does these people live on? I'll tell you. The ones that think we're a charity shop therefore we'll put extortionate prices on items that are non-negtioable because no one's going to argue.

No one is going to argue with the salaried manager and all the other mangers that get paid in these organisations.  I've raged about this before and I'll rage about it again. Charity works both ways. You've been donated these items. You haven't paid for these items. There are people out there that NEED to find a bargain. That don't have a lot of money. The charity shop was the one place they could go and pick up something for 50p. God dammit they could get an entire outfit for 50p! NOTHING in a charity shop should be priced at £150. You'll still make money, you'll still raise money for charity but you won't be shafting every frigging customer that comes into your musty smelling shop.

I did actually write to this charity shops head office. They replied saying this shop makes the most money in the area. YOU DON'T SAY and basically we're a charity blah blah.  The same shop was selling a dolls house for... you've guessed it...£150. Maybe its their if in doubt whack it on for £150 figure.

Whilst I'm on my charity rampage can I also say to Battersea Dogs home STOP sending people around with their Battersea Dogs Home bibs knocking on my door at teatime. I've checked out your website and you give your reasons why you think its okay to ask people for money at their abode. Well I'm telling you on my website that its just wrong.  There are plenty of other ways to raise money (please see my local charity shop I'm sure you could ask a percentage of all wedding dress sales).

I've had them round at least 3 times now. I don't want to donate money to Battersea Dogs home. Sorry. Nothing personal just my choice. Its hard for a lot of people to say no when you've got people on your doorstep asking for money. No wonder its very successful but its not morally right.

We watched the Golden Compass last night. Can I suggest that the people that are PAID to make the decisions at these 'charity' organisations go and buy a Moral Compass. They cost about.....let us say.....£150.

As you were.