Saturday, 28 March 2015

Saturday Chit Chat

Week 6 and day 2 completed but it was tough today! Essentially it was a 5 minute warm up then 10 minutes jogging then 3 minutes walking then 10 minutes jogging. As my route has various up hill elements I only jogged 15 out of the 20 minutes. Still it was better than not doing it wouldn't you say? I could have so easily not bothered. The weather has been cold, windy and dull today - I should have gone in the morning but was too cosy in bed.

My parents took the kids to the woods and McDonalds as they hadn't seen them since February and the next visit will be May so myself and hubbie went to the garden centre. He knows how to treat a lady. We purchased (the royal we) vegetables for the kids to grow. I'm hoping that if they grow the stuff they might actually eat it. This is aimed more at my eldest but kids do love to garden. I see that Alan Titchmarsh is calling for it to be taught in the national curriculum and I have to say I agree. Read his Daily Mirror article here

I'm digressing somewhat - so basically I didn't 'run' until 3pm and I did find it tough.  I'm much more of a morning jogger. I feel more up for it and physically more able. Tomorrow I'll complete day 3 which will essentially be a 5 minute warm up and then 20 minutes of jogging.  I feel I have more of a chance to complete the majority of it if 1) I go in the morning and 2) psych myself up for it. The best thing about jogging to music I can narrow down my time to songs. I mentally say to myself if you can get to the end of this song then its one more to go. The added bonus is you can't hear yourself gasping for breath either!

So, school is now out for Easter!  The children had an end of year talent showed that lasted a very long time with an interval in between - my daughter was on the glockenspiels and eldest was in a play. The highlight for me was a tap dancing batman and year 1 girls singing Let it Go in their Frozen dresses. This finished about 11.30 am so I had to make a quick dash to get my hair cut. I think my hairdresser was relieved that I had returned as I left quite distressed last time - do you remember the short hair cut? Anyhow, I love my 'lob' hair cut now and think I'll be keeping my hair this length for quite some time.  Then it was a quick dash back to school to collect them at 2pm.

I hope you're liking the new layout on the blog. The fabulous Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely has sorted my header out for me. I'd spent an hour trying to do it on photoshop and she did it in about 5 minutes.  I need to take a better picture of the troll which I'll do tomorrow so that all the background is white but on the whole I'm loving it!

Did any of your watch the televised debate with Ed Milliband and David Cameron? Wasn't Kay Burley just awful?!  I watched the steady stream of twitter comments and I don't think I saw one single positive comment.  I had to add some of my own which included "Kay Burley was awesome said no person ever". Seriously though she was painful to watch and asked Ed ridiculous questions eg how are you and your brother? Who cares?! We care about the NHS you muppet. On a more positive note, she could have won Labour the next election so not all bad.

I have a few posts to entertain you next week and the re-emergence of Tuesday Weigh In!! Dah dah dah. Finally, never one to miss a fabulous bag let me show you this bad boy from Aspinal of London. Its their 'raindrop' bag and a mere snip at £796! I entered their facebook competition to win but have not heard that the bag is winging its way to me. I am pretty understanding though so they can just send it to me for free to review. No questions asked.

Look at their lovely shop front.  A must for me to visit if I win the other competition I entered - see previous blog post. Now, if I don't win I may have to retire from my entering anymore competitions even if they are infrequent.

Happy Saturday and see you very soon!


  1. The blog is looking amazing, you are ready to take the blogging world by storm now. I think you did well to do the running to be honest, if I don't exercise in the morning, it doesn't happen at all as I can alway find 'better' things to be doing in the afternoon.

    1. Hi missus - thank you and so is yours and your new header. It was time to get with the programme! It is not looking good for me today as forgot to put clocks forward! x