Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday Chit Chat

Forgive the delay but yet again I have a sick house. When will it end?!!  I thought the middle of January was bad when 3 of us were ill for a few days. Enter Reception germs!  My little fella has now had 7 days soon to be 8 days off school since he started in September. I don't know about you but I think that's excessive. Everyone says "ohh but they get lots in Reception" "their immune system soon builds up" but its of little comfort.

The little fella threw up at 4 am on Thursday and he continued to do so, every 20 minutes, until approx 8pm that night. He did a few more at 11pm before finally stopping at 2am. The next day was sick again (on and off) and then the diarrhea started. We had a brief rest bite on Saturday but he was tired all day so was cuddled up on the sofa. On Sunday, he started to throw up again and finished about 2pm.

Needless to say he's off today and, touch wood, no sickness.  Having said this you're meant to keep them off for 48 hours so he'll be off tomorrow given that he's had such a violent attack of the tummy bugs. My daughter then started throwing up yesterday and last night also. So she's off.

Thankfully my eldest doesn't appear to have been struck down. My husband had a day off and I've felt sick and had a dodgy tummy today but being the martyr that I am have soldiered on!  My eldest went off for his one week residential trip so I'm praying he doesn't start to feel ill.  I'm sure he'll be fine he's meticulous about cleaning his hands etc.

I will speak to my youngest teacher later - he's nearly had as much time off as my other two have in their entire schooling.  She'll probably think I'm being paranoid and its all very normal but I need reassurances of hygiene standards! We are very hot on hand washing before mealtimes etc but I don't know if other parents are.

So my life feels suspended at the moment. On hold. I was on fire last week having completed day 1 of Week 4 on the C25k app and now this. I haven't been able to go for a run in between clearing up puke and poo.  At this rate the 8 week programme will take me 8 months.  They should make one of these apps which allows for sick children!

So I feel fat and yuck having not exercised for so long. Soup tonight as food is looking very unappetizing at the moment. We are meant to be going to a friends 50th on Saturday fingers crossed that's not another thing that has to be cancelled.

Roll on Mother's Day. My favourite time of the year!

Be back soon with more cheery tales I would hope.

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