Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Domain Di-sas-ter!

Well it could have been, it so could have been!  For those who don't do blogging and I think its fair to say most of my readers don't, then I think I should explain. Having a blogspot address for a blog is not as cool as having a .com address. Even a co.uk seems to be inferior. Yup if you want to be taken seriously in the blogging world you need a .com address. I've know this for quite some time but I've also known that I FREAK out at technology and if you allow me to use my most over used phrase - "I am a serious LUDDITE!" As opposed to a non-serious one.  I can't work the telly for christ sake how an earth would I negotiate the minefield that is 'self hosting'.

Well my friends I've only (best Michael Caine voice) gone and done it!! Don't get me wrong it was a bit hairy over the weekend and I did think will I ever see my blog again. Sadly, I did think about it far more than I should have on Friday night instead of just enjoying my evening.

Get me a Domain! The fab-u-lous Michael Caine - image google - film Funeral in Berlin 

I did enquire about paying someone to do all this for me - the charges were reasonable enough but it meant I would have to move to Wordpress and I like Blogger. I'm a Blogger Blogger. I can't be preached to. I have been converted. No doubt you can do fancy pants things on Wordpress but like a comfy pair of slippers I wanted to stick with Blogger.  I discovered, within a few clicks on google, that I could actually have a .com address and still stay on blogger. I just had to buy my domain name.

I also had to find and input codes and even following google's instructions managed to cock it up about 4 times. This explains the blog being inactive for 3 days!! Now, I have to give these two bloggers a shout out.  There are bloggers out there who write blogs on how to sort your blog out! Did you get that? Yes, these lovelies as far as I'm concerned, are the bloggers in shining armour charging to your rescue. Here are my two life savers Niki at Geekalicious and Dana at The Wonder Forest.

I'm not sure that even if I had the knowledge that I could be arsed to share it, which makes my respect for them even greater. People are very territorial over their blog and when things go wrong its cue wailing and hysteria. I hope they have some idea of the virtual hugging that goes on following successful completion after following their instructions. So Mwah to you both. I now have a .com address and if you input .co.uk  or blogspot you'll come right back to me.

I've made a few changes and am still working on my lay out - I know my 1970s troll is a tad big up the top there. I'm liking the 1970s wallpaper though - what do you think? I figured it was time to get up-to-date with some content.

In other news, I completed Week 5 day 1 of my couch to 5k app. That means I am able to 'run' for 5 minutes without dying. I haven't weighed myself for quite a while - I am saving myself till the end of the app.  I took before pictures so I'm hoping the after will look good.  When I run it feels like my stomach fat is going but it could just be my imagination.

I need to get back on myfitness pal as all of that has been lacking since January really - we had a sick house, then I got my abscess and then we had a week of sickness for the entire family!  Things can only get better.......cue D-ream music.

See you very soon


  1. It's a pleasure to help out - give me a shout any time :-)

    In other news - YAY at you doing C25K - I'm a group leader at our community C25K programme in Blackburn - it's an awesome way to learn to run. I've been writing and vlogging about it a lot recently on my personal blog.

    1. I will most certainly be taking you up on that! Will have to check it out - I had a 4 week break due to various illnesses but am determined to complete it! x

  2. Well done, I haven't been able to face up to doing this yet - maybe after I get over my house shift. Cheers from carole's Chatter

    1. Hi Carole, its quite easy once you get the codes in the right place! x Great to hear from you!