Friday, 20 February 2015

The Pig Parent Part II

There were some seriously freaky pig mask pictures on google. In fact, I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight. Are you a Pig Parent? Do you rustle your way through multipacks of crisps during a 90 minute film?! Pic Google

Just when I thought I had exhausted all avenues of ranting during the lifetime of this blog then WHAM! I appear to have be re-ignited in this department. I think it may have to do with the fact the that my son is now older - more of which later. Now where to start? Firstly, I have written about 'Pig Parkers' you know the ones that just kamikaze up to the car park without a care in the world. They normally park in such a way you 1) cannot park in the empty space next to them as they've literally crossed the line 2) you need a shoe horn to get out of the car 3) when exiting the two spaces they've taken up they can't be bothered to look out for pedistrians. I've often dreamt of just opening an instagram account soley for pig parker pictures. I must do that soon.  Whilst on that theme, have you noticed the speed in which people rock on up to a McDonalds drive thru? Seriously how desperate are you for your Fillet O Fish?! Does anyone eat those anymore? Remember the ad - "Fillet O Fish for my wife." Well if you don't check out the Youtube clip below - it took extensive research to dig that one out I can tell you.

I digress. So this is where 'The Pig Parent' stems from. I wrote about them in this blog post after a visit to the park. I like the title so much, more so then 'mums that need a slap', that I've decided its worthy of a squeal.

I used to enjoy the cinema (or cinema's as my children still call it) - watch a film, relax. Nice and easy. Have you been to the cinema for a kids showing (the adult films are much the same) recently? For the love of god STOP with the fucking picnics.  I can barely hear the film with all the incessant munching going on. You will eat again.  You will not die of starvation. Can you not last 2 hours (1 hour 30 mins for kids films) without troughing constantly.  Take Paddington bear for instance - a massive party of kids settled behind us on the back row and the party leader - had two carrier bags full of mutlipacks of crisps. The noise from that was just incredible.  

Now, I'm no kill joy and I do allow my kids to have a few nibbles. But the emphasis is on a few. I make up a small sandwich bag of a few treats i.e a handful of popcorn or like today a few minstrels and maltesers. I wasn't a bucket load and a fruity water bottle. I try and eliminate the need for rustling and if my kids do think fiddling around with the bag is acceptable its my job to tell them not to for the consideration of  others. Shame the rest of the parents in the cinema don't think about others.  

To add to my cinema woos today we went to a cheap deal showing of  The Book of Life - I actually thought it would be The Book of Shite but it was actually a rather pleasant film. Its very colourful and I liked the whole Mexican theme/tradition going on. Cue two mum's behind me who thought, seeing as it was just a kids film, they would chat intermittently throughout the entire performance. I mustered up all the energy I could not to demand "would you chat like this during an adult film?" but decided the answer would probably be yes.  Another pig parent in the venue thought that a baby crying was an insufficient enough reason to leave the cinema.  

That's where being a parent of an older child (11) I think is affecting my tolerance but I'm pretty sure I would have walked out of the venue had my baby started to cry. Basically parents of younger children piss me off no end. They seem to have notched up a gear in the inconsideration stakes and your older child isn't worthy in their eyes. They shouldn't be playing with their siblings in an area that is designated for younger ones even if they're just minding my little Buddy.  They look at you in disgust if you cross a crossing when the green man isn't present - my son needs to be able to cross a road in the absence of a green man and when his mum isn't around. 

But parents of younger children are not the only Pig Parent offenders - no the parents of older are probably worse. Why? Because they're the ones that let their children play 18 rated x-box games and the like.  They give them not just an x-box, a playstation and a TV in their room and treat them like mini adults. They'll later be moaning about the fact they're groan up so quick. Err you don't say - look a bit closer to home for answers to that one.

I have a separate post on this one entirely as our X-box has now been banned and is currently sitting in the loft. In short, my son was becoming addicted. He feels its somewhat unjust given he's doing really well at school - which I would like to stay that way. I had a little glance at his new High School and they give a suggested reading list - sadly at the top it said something along the lines of we know its hard to get your child to stop playing the x-box/playstation but if they could read that would be great. For the love of god - stop the maddness!!!!

As you were. 

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