Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday Chit Chat

I am alive!! Literally - this is what I told my friend after having my root canal treatment. It wasn't too bad at all.  I can't say I enjoyed it but it certainly wasn't painful unlike my abscess which was horrendous.  I was in the chair for an hour and have a repeat performance in two weeks time.  Today, we made another trip to the dentist - as a family (minus the hubster who hasn't graced a dentist in over 30 years).  The kids are fine - still no fillings. Although my eldest may have slight decay - to my astonishment he had a glass of milk this evening. Clearly the thought of a filling is making him see his diet in a different light. He doesn't eat lots of sweets - you might as well give a child a spoonful of sugar if you do that - but he's not a great one for eating veg, fruit and protein. I think I might be able to use the threat of a filling as leverage.

1970s Milk Bottle - pic ebay
So, its half term and so far so good. After the dentist we went to celebrate our good teeth (although I need the other molar to have a re-filling and another tooth filled #sigh) with some cake at the vintage tea rooms. These places are very nice but I do wonder how much profit they make. Not as much as my dentist that's for sure - we'll be the best of friends at this rate. I reckon a chi ching sound goes off when I enter the room these days. Anyhow, back to vintage -  I think lots will spring up all over the place a bit like the cupcake boom.  I had a chicken sandwich and a sneaky cappuccino.

So week 4 of no running - I am going to re-start when the kids go back to school on my week 3 which includes the 3 min run. The inches are still down - 1 off my arm, 4 off my tum, 1 under the bust but none from my widest part i.e arse. I am about to enter the Race for Life to give me a goal in June.

Tomorrow, we have cheap movie tickets and a friend over, Wednesday its cake baking for my daughter's Minecraft party on Saturday and possibly another friend over, Thursday over to Cath's and Friday hopefully Big Hero 6 if the purse strings will allow and my friend and her 3 kiddies hope to pop over, Saturday is the party and Sunday is hockey - so not much then!

In other news, I will do my food saver review!  I need to for my fondant icing and I'm actually looking forward to using it.

Be back soon.....

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