Monday, 9 February 2015

Abscess Absence

Yarp. Not content with being ill 2 weeks ago I thought I'd add to my state of victim mode by having an abscess on my tooth. Monday I took a bite on something and then had this intense pain - I thought it might go but it had other ideas. By Tuesday I'm thinking mmm really should be gone by now - by Wednesday I was rolling around the floor wailing like a banshee. I actually cried with the pain - I didn't cry during childbirth.  The difference between this pain and childbirth is that during labour you actually get a break from the pain (not at the end). You don't get a break with toothache. The word toothache doesn't really do it justice.  Anyhow, I am still alive to tell the tale. Just.

I only managed to get to see my dentist on the Thursday who promptly gave me antibiotics.  Stupidly I thought I'd be right as rain within a few hours. It is Tuesday and I am only just about pain free!  I even visited an emergency dentist to see if I could get the abscess drained. The rather po faced dentist told me it wasn't big enough and to expect it to get bigger. What a biatch!! I can't believe in this day and age you get sod all for pain relief for an abscess.

The root (excuse the pun) for all my troubles was a hatchet job on my molar about 10 years ago. We moved to a different area (pre kids) and my husband suggested the dentist that lived above the pizza place. My gut instinct was not to go to a dentist that housed itself above a pizza parlour but hubster told me not to be so snobby.  I have since blamed him for my dodgy root canal every since.  I only went in for a check up with no pain and pizza dentist starting initiating root canal there and then. Not content with one drilling session I had to go back a second time and pay over £400 for the privilege.

I never went back and have never trusted a dentist again. I do have a dentist that is 20 minutes away from where we now live.  I am too scared to move having regained a ounce of trust in this one.  I probably should just join the one that is in our street.  Anyhow, it was bad job and was always infected. It has lasted over 10 years but my time was up. So to cut a long story short I have a re-root canal booked for Friday. I can get it on the NHS which will be half the £400 but by all accounts the private treatment will be a better job.

Now call me an argumentative old cynic but surely if you're doing the same treatment and have any shred of integrity the NHS treatment should be just the same? I mean if my leg was broken would a surgeon that also did private treatment and work at an NHS hospital do a patch up job? Its meant to be a vocation isn't it? I think I might just give my dentist all the pin numbers for my credit cards whilst I'm at it. So I'm about to get shafted big time on Friday. Can't wait.

Thank you Nessa x

To add to my misery, my sister had prepared her fine dining experience for me and the hubster. My husband was looking forward to this immensely as the food in this house, with fussy little fuckers, means its bland.  They don't like this, they don't like that. We were going to sample adult food god dam it.  So the 5 course meal was dished up to my other sister.

I think its fair to say I could have happily overdosed on pain killers this week - my husband read that a woman had killed herself by her over enthusiastic self mediation for earache. Easily done. I was popping pills like I used to pop lemon sherbets as a youngster. See above for effects of that.

So, no bloody jogging for week 3.  Might get out on Wednesday but seeing as I'm so far behind schedule its unlikely.  The kids are also off  - today and tomorrow due to a burst water main at the school.

The food I didn't get to eat 

On a positive note, my sister did send me some lovely flowers which was very thoughtful given that she had gone to a lot of effort Saturday and was just as disappointed.  I have lost 7lbs in weight and my stomach at its fattest has gone down by 4 inches since January.

So, my recommendation for fast efficient weight loss is to get a large abscess - not enough for the NHS to actually do anything though - I blame a 5 year term of nasty Tories who don't give a toss about anyone - then get an abscess on your tooth.

Oh nearly forgot the results of my blood tests showed I didn't have an underactive thyroid (fat excuse no 104 ticked off) but am anemic.  I have always had a bit of history of low iron levels - funnily enough I didn't feel tired or anything but my hands have been a bit dry.  I'm now on black poo tablets.

So that's all my news - be back soon to review the food saver and hopefully I'll be fit and healthy to carry on with my C25K programme.

Be back soon


  1. Do you realise quite how funny you are? Even in pain, you make me laugh.

    1. Ha ha no!! Glad I entertained you - I was like "and another thing" whilst writing this! xx

  2. glad to hear you are feeling better...I had a similar incident about 20 years ago...I was off work for nearly 2 weeks!! I remember actually thinking I was dying (the pain was going from my tooth down my arm) and I hadn't slept in 4 days...and then the allergy to penicillin was discovered....etc etc

    1. Ta muchly off for root canal tomorrow whoop whoop! Yes ness was saying its the worst pain! xx

  3. Yikes! That was tough! It's really most dreadful to just wind up landing on those painful situations we'd rather not be in, and in the most ordinary of ways. That just shows that we should be extra careful and wary of our actions, which we should supplement by the right treatments and contingencies on the ready. Anyway, I hope that you are faring good and that the repeat root canal treatment was successful. Take care!

    Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental

    1. Thank you the treatment has worked well!