Friday, 27 February 2015

3 out of 3

Finally, I completed Week 3 on the C25K app after a 4 week absence. It feels good just to be back in the game and free of pain and sickness.  I also completed my root canal treatment although I have to go back on Monday - seriously at this rate me and the dentist are going to soul mates -for my 'inlay' by all accounts this is the final stop before a crown. I also have to go back for another two teeth but will save that for next month as its crippling me!

I have to say I'm fed up with winter now. I'm bored with it. Today was a crisp sunny day and I saw the glimpse of crocuses coming up through the ground. Roll on spring time.  I'm feeling very fired up at the moment.  I'm excited for the blog - I have some things in the pipeline and feel a make-over is well over due as is the possibility of going 'self hosted' as they say in the game. To you and me that means having a .com address for the blog.

In addition to this finger in the blogging pie, I thought about selling cakes again. I used to sell them when no bugger was selling them. I didn't really take it further but its now so easy with the use of facebook. Its a great platform its much easier to start out in something that takes your fancy. In the old days you'd have to set up a website which would be costly and what not. The internet is wonderful for start up businesses. Anyhow, I'm not going to push it - just see where it takes me. I'm going organic.

I'm also thinking all frugal like. I happened to click on a mortgage over payment calculator type thing and if I were to magically have £200 extra a month (pah ha ha) you can reduce the term by 3 years. That's a big chunk off.  Speaking of which, this lady has been around for a while but is a great blog for all things frugal. Check her out at - she might save you a whole bunch of cash!

Giving another shout out is this charming French teenager - yes you heard me right French, Teenager and Charming?!! He does cute youtube video clips of his baking creations. I found this fabulous one on giant cupcakes that I'm going to try out at the weekend. He also writes a blog in French and English. I would love to see him on UK telly - Mary Berry has had her day! Let the youngsters have a go! Check out William's cakes here.

So that's this weeks round up. I have my X-box rant to come up very shortly.

Stay tuned...

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