Saturday, 31 January 2015

Saturday Sick Chat

Oh my, what a week!  I was all geared up to repeat week 3 of my C25K and sure enough on Monday I trotted off in the cold and wet and completed day 1 of Week 3 again then it all went tits up by Wednesday.

Pretty sure I don't do any of this!  I normally have bits I've purchased from co-op on my back - picture google pics
I normally give myself a rest day so as not to damage my 40 something bones and joints but by Wednesday I was feeling ropey, the hubster was already confined to our bed and the little fella had been sick and was sporting a high temperature. The best laid plans and all that #sigh.  So we were as sick as a small hospital in this household.  At one point all three of us were huddled up in bed together - which actually was rather nice albeit in a literally sick way.  Myself and the hubster took it in turns to hurl ourselves out of bed to look after the little fella and to do the school run.  I looked the paler of the two so got out of the freezing cold weather for the afternoon run. Go me!  I've always said there is nothing  worse than being ill and looking after small children.  You have to master the art of crawling again and willing the hours to count down until bedtime when you can just flake out.

I love nothing more than to cosy up with the kids and watch Wallace & Gromit - this is reason number 38  to have children as is Christmas time which is probably no#1 - oh and that they are really good fun when they're not telling you you're a wanker (in child like terms) although am sure the 11 year old will tell me that directly. All in good time.
In any event, the little fella appeared to be better by the afternoon. He indulged in a bit of Wallace and Gromit as did I as I couldn't move off the sofa and by Thursday I, to, was feeling a tad better. He whinged going into school but then he is a bit of a whinger so nothing new there.  When I got him in the afternoon - he looked very pale and I was told he fell asleep in the afternoon. Sure enough when I got him home he fell asleep at 4.30pm until about 10 am the next day.  Bad Mummy.  Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200. By the way, I appear to have rotten luck in this game my daughter whizzes around the board hoovering up all the affluent properties. I digress.

So he was off again Friday and has only really got better this afternoon. It would seem to be the case given his current condition playing Minecraft with his sister.  Speaking of which, she has decided on a Minecraft party this year. We've planned the cake, cupcakes and all the decorations and are most excited.

Steve is the main man - pic amazon where you can buy all things Minecraft 

So, the diet has been good but exercise non existent and I will certainly be raising a glass of water (I'm not allowed wine at the mo) when I finally complete the 8 week course.  What the C25K doesn't allow for is sick family members and being sick yourself. So once again I shall (on my 3rd attempt) complete week 3 of this programme. I am determined to finish it.

Speaking of exercise, I have enquired about my son joining a local Hockey club - he loves playing this at school as he does football (another enquiry although some mum's have given me the low down on football clubs and it doesn't sound appealing - training, parents etc etc).  I am sick of that bloody x-box which is his main hobby. He loves playing Destiny, Halo and Plant V Zombies which is all very well but a bit of sport will cut his gaming time.

So that's all my news. My husband is the diet police following on from my visit to the doctors this week. I am on tablets for my acid reflux (I went with a list of saved up aliments and was most impressed when he booked me in for an MOT set of blood tests, an x-ray and a course of treatment #saveourNHS) however, he feels that it will return when I stop them and will more than likely have to have a camera go down my oesophagus. Please god sedate me for that one.  I'm hoping I have more of a thyroid problem - every fat persons excuse - rather than issues with my stomach so we shall see.  In any event, I got a doctors appointment that morning and already have a dates for everything else.

I WILL be reviewing my food saver shortly - I think it'll be perfect for all my fondant that I buy for cake making as its a bugger to stop it drying out.

Until next time....

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