Tuesday, 13 January 2015

January, You're Not So Bad

Its not a typo. I mean it.  I used to hate this month for soooo many years. The bleak, dreary weather, the leanest month on your pocket and heaviest on your frame. Same old same old.

The gorgeous January Jones from Mad Men (pic google pics).  A unique name for a unique month

Having a January baby certainly helps to lift your spirits in January.  It does brighten up the start of the year.  Tomorrow I shall be baking a cake creation for my eldest (who turns 11 on Sunday). A Plant V Zombie cake - now how can that not cheer you up?  I've also had to buy stuff. I am forced to in January. Instead of being really skint I can now be exceptionally skint leading into the month of February. That gives me a weird kind of inner peace or in layman's terms -  a fuck it attitude!

My best friend also has a birthday the day before my son's. It brings back happy memories of me merrily texting (in the morning, on her 30th birthday) "yeah I'm in labour" "its not that bad" "I'm watching Sex in The City box sets". She didn't hear from me from approx 6pm that evening. I was unable to text "how am I still alive when I'm in so much pain?"  I still wonder about that.  Anyhow, said friend is coming up and we can have a natter whilst all the boys run a mock in a laser quest.  

I'm also feeling really good. I don't have shin splints from trying out the C25K app and find it easy to fit into my daily routine. I'm currently on Week 2 with Day 2 tomorrow. The distances are already stretching out and I do feel leaner. My feet do hurt after I've done a work out but I always knew that - hopefully as the 1lbs drop my feet will become less like flat footed troll feet and emerge wonderfully bouncy and spring like. 

My feet feel as flat as these troll feet whilst running - pics google pics
I came across this running website also for amazing weight loss transformations whilst running. Funnily enough if you google how much weight lost whilst running you get lots of links as to why you won't lose weight. I've chosen to ignore them and not click on and of the links.  Don't burst my bubble google.  I've also kept my food diary for 8 days straight.  I feeling positive about this and life in general.  

I shall keep you all posted and post pictures of the birthday cake with my normal 'how to guide'.  

Until next time..


  1. Ahh yes. Such lovely memories. Thanks for the mention. I was struggling with January, until Birthday Week arrived! Now it's party time! Glad you are feeling positive, keep it up. Xx

  2. Yes these birthday's do cheer it up somewhat! See you Sunday x