Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Back In The Game

Okay I confess, I have had quite a few guest blog posts of late with wonderful tales of weight loss and fitness but I, on the other hand, have gone a little dark. I had got back into my exercise following on from the holidays but my calorie counting had been slacking. I settled right back into maintaining my weight with the odd 3/4 lb weight gain and 3/4 lb weight loss.

I haven't weighed myself since before Christmas (will do on Thursday) I'm estimating, by the feel of my jeans, about a 3/4 lb gain - that figure again! Its not excessive and I've been quite pleased with my Christmas weight gain over the last couple of years. It hasn't been creeping over the 7lb mark and beyond. Those days are long gone. In fact, I can't pack it away like I used to. I was reading some comments on a weight loss blog the other day and one woman said she put on a stone and a half at Christmas! That is just ridiculous.

Anyhow, I've taken photos front and side and will post in 3 months time for maximum effect.  I have done my measurements and yesterday (the app has sat on my phone for the best part of 2 years) I completed my first ever C25K (that's couch to 5 km for those that don't know what the hell I'm talking about). My calories have also been logged. Now don't I just sound like every other person at the start of January? Well yes but I know that it is just a continuation of what I have been doing on and off since I started the blog.

In addition, acid reflux has played a huge part in my renewed enthusiasm for all things healthy.  Here is a short list - not definitive by any means - of all the things that give me chronic heartburn or acid reflux! Okay here goes:- coffee, tea, water, fizzy drinks (given up) satsumas, crisps (gave them up 95% from August), chocolate, wine of all descriptions, beer, cheese, butter and the list goes on. Basically a lot of stuff and that doesn't include a whole list of 'healthy' stuff also. In fact today I had my 50g of granola and 30 minutes later I'm feeling the burn.

How runners used to look in the 1970s! There was a huge running boom in the 1970s in America.  Gone are the days when just a pair of flappy shorts and vest top are required! 

It became more apparent over the Xmas holidays to the point I thought I might die of acid reflux! I spoke with my Aunt who casually explained that she'd had it since she was little as did my grandad and that it ran in the family. I can stop googling cancer of the oesophagus now and other such diseases. Although left untreated it can cause huge problems like what I've just said innit.

I think I'll leave the doctors for a bit longer although it really made me think about my diet and whether the intense pain, saliva and coughing to the point I can throw up is really worth a glass of wine?  I have a history of throwing up after drinking alcohol. I remember visiting the doctors at 18 and him telling me that clearly I was allergic. I quickly dismissed this novice quack and continued to binge drink to well into my mid twenties. Speaking of which remember when doctors used to be older than you? Welcome to the forties people.

I also had a light bulb moment when I downed a croissant after Christmas. Not content with one I had another. After about 5 minutes I started to cough a lot then violently threw up. Then I remembered that my body cannot tolerate butter at all! Since returning from France last year my family have become butter snobs. They will only eat the real thing if you please.  So, my eldest son who is already a fussy eater to the point where I want to force feed him, refuses your bog standard marg. This can make him sound quite the up yourself middle class twat when out and about as he'll say "is it real butter?" "cheese sandwich please but not grated" "I do like duck and pineapple" is his reply when people say "well what do you eat?" oh for the love of god!  His food consumption or lack of is a different post entirely.

So I am unable to eat butter which is a good thing I think - not that I had a lot on my ryvita but I'm certainly not going to miss it. I'm going off on several tangents here.  I drank quite a bit of wine over the Xmas period - well a lot for me not to my sister! So I think the acid reflux is in overdrive.

Back to the couch to 5km.  So, it was raining heavily just before I donned my trainers.  My inner chimp was thinking you can't possible start your first day of 'jogging' in this weather. I promptly smacked my chimp down and set off in my see through Nike running pants.  Why the thin material they weren't cheap?! I got this particular pair as they have a pocket in the arse section so I can carry my belongings.  Anyhow, I had to make sure I was wearing black knickers. I decided against the Ipod as I wanted to hear my instructions of when to walk and when to 'run'.  I zipped up my plastic rain coat and tentatively opened my front door. Oh, I forgot I also thought I'd pop some birthday invitations through a letterbox so put on my rucksac. This was a silly idea as it keep slipping of my shoulders due to the shiny plastic nature of my weather wear. It was awkward. I was awkward.

Anyhow I was out that was the main thing.  I'm not really a self conscious person. I don't notice people staring and looking and what not and half the time people are so wrapped up in themselves that no one is looking at anyone.  However, I did feel self conscious. Not because I don't look like a runner i.e slim but just because I looked and felt uncomfortable. To add to this when it was time to "start running for 60 seconds" I'd reached the local parade of shops with workman and people minding their own business. I tried to 'run' like I was late for something so pretending that I wasn't actually trying to run.

Tell I lie I did notice a man wearing a matching grey trackie bottom ensemble carrying his shopping. He kept eye balling me. I stared back and thought don't even go there lardy you're hardly a picture of health and fitness. I think it did the trick. I mean what do you think I'm doing?

Anyhow, to the novice the programme is great and I was puffed out you walk for 5 mins then 'run'. I would say my 'run' is more of a walking a bit quicker but with a bouncing type of action.  Lets not carried away with the word 'run'. Then you walk for 90 seconds. Honestly when I was bouncing I was counting down the 60 seconds willing the Yank to tell me when I could walk again.

This lasted in total for 30 minutes so not excessive and yes I was out of breath and red in the face but I managed it. The beasts were contained in my Freya sports bra and I felt like I'd had a good workout. My feet did hurt but then they do if I've walked a long way.

So there you have it - a start. I don't intend to take up running I still don't think its good to pound the streets on concrete but I do believe it shreds fat and that's the main thing. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Day 2 and am feeling grrrrrreat!

Ta ta for now.


  1. well done on the run! I find keeping a spreadsheet (I love a spreadsheet!) with the schedule of runs due that week helps..Then when you've done it, you can colour it in in green!! - im easily pleased clearly....
    your Sis

    1. I knew it was you just by the name 'merlotmonster'!! I can't work out how to do a spreadsheet woman! I like the little tick you get when you've completed the workout - did it in the pouring rain yesterday another one tomorrow x

  2. you must be able to do a spreadsheet??you worked out our entire family tree!! he he....ive got 2 x 4 milers to do this weekend...keep going,,maybe aim for the Breast Cancer race for life at Tilgate in the summer??Ill run it with you? Sam did it last year (did the same couch to 5k programme you did...this year she is running the Half marathon with me in march!!..its amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. Sam has lost 1 1/2 stone since she started running!

    1. oh wow that's a real incentive how long did it take her to lose that? Okay I should have said I don't want to do a spreadsheet! Too much faffing! Yes, might do that when is it in the summer? I loved that route xx