Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunday Chit Chat

Well hello folks its been a little while. This time of year gets a little crazy doesn't it? So I haven't been blogging as much as I would like.  On the diet front I've lost a total of 10lbs since I kicked my arse into gear but I only lost 1lb in two weeks (the two that have just been). Still, its okay even though I did put on this weight! The best thing about the past 3 weeks is that I've managed to exercise at least 3 times. Last week it was 4 times.

I feel so much better for it and have been very determined this month what with it being December its very easy to feel sluggish and just yuk and I don't want to feel like that.  I have been doing my hill walk on a Monday, swimming 40 x lengths on a Wednesday and another hill walk on a Friday. This week I also did a 30 minute kettle bell workout on a Tuesday.  I plan to do the same this week. So I am entering my 4th week of consistent exercise. I know I'll be able to do the same the week before Xmas even factoring in the kids Christmas Carol Concerts.  Naturally Xmas week won't be as easy as we have family over on the Monday, London on the Tuesday, preparation on Christmas Eve and then, of course, Christmas Day but I could get out or exercise during the latter part of that week.  Its all in the planning.  I am trying to keep in mind the last book I read on 'what's your excuse' i.e how far back do I want to set myself over the Xmas period? The answer to that would be no set backs at all if you please!

Poppy box arrived 

Hubster made a stand

I particularly enjoy my swim on a Wednesday it clears my mind of all the chatter and also focuses my mind on my Xmas 'to do' list. It energizes, relaxes and works me out all in one go!

In other tittle tattle news. Our poppy arrived this week. Its lovely - my husband made a stand for it. It takes pride of place in our living room. I made a gingerbread house for the school fair - I'll do a 'how to guide shortly'.  My eldest son and I made some rather scrummy mince pies this afternoon. I like all the Xmas baking we do together. My daughter and I made our Xmas cake a few weeks ago. Next week it'll be the spiced muffins and Xmas jumper biscuits for the teachers with some left overs for us.

This year's gingerbread creation
Tonight its Xmas card writing and this week I'll need to make a start on the dreaded wrapping. I read a top tip the other day - use an ironing board to wrap your presents. I'm going to give it a whirl.  I also need to go booze shopping this week and then the last bits and pieces will be next week. Not sure when our decs will go up - we've ordered another artificial tree for our front room as we need a tall thin one otherwise no one will be able to watch any telly. I reckon it'll be a week before Xmas Eve - that would give us 2 weeks up with the decs plenty of time.

Couldn't leave this fella behind 

Oh I nearly forgot - the Lego advent calendars I purchased for the kids are going down a storm. I thought they might be a one off but it appears we must get them next year as well.

I think my son's mince pies on the left are far superior!

I am waffling now - this blog is my little to do list isn't it. I also got a refund for my phone (again another blog post) that took 3 weeks to repair (badly) as opposed to 3-5 days as they claimed. Hooray for paypal that's what I say!

There is so much that is wrong with this quote - I couldn't even get beyond the title! 
Okay that's my news in a nutshell. I have a few blog posts in the pipeline - sexy at 74! Good god. Why a grand jury can't convict a police officer murdering a black man whilst watching a video of a white police officer murdering a black man and fair weather friends. That should keep me going for a good while!

Be back soon..

Well it wouldn't be Xmas with a bit of Fanny now would it! Thanks to my friend Claire for sending me this! 

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