Saturday, 20 December 2014

Saturday Prat Chat!

Yay, its back. Saturday chit chat - more of the prat later.  Its been a while I know. We've been a tad busy with the lead up to Xmas. Well on the exercise front (after last weeks no show due to flu like symptoms) - I did a hill walk with various items loaded in my backpack following my trip to Sainsbury's at the top of the hill and then 40 lengths on Wednesday. So not bad, not bad.  I didn't quite make my 14lbs before xmas but its 11lbs so will take that. Now the fun part of trying to keep it off next week and continue into the New Year.

So, we've had a great few weeks. We saw Paddington Bear, went up to Covent Garden to see the wonderful Santa Lego creation, the British Transport Museum (I could spend an absolute fortune in their gift shop!), Trafalgar Square street artists and then through the little winter wonderland at Trafalgar Square.  I also managed to get my hair cut in a Madonna circa 1980's style - this was not my intention. I went in asking for a a little bit off (I'm thinking 4 inches) and my trusted hairdresser lobbed off about 8 inches. That's probably a conservative estimate. Not content with this she gave me a 'lob' i.e it chopped very short at the back. Urgh. So now I have a sort of bob - luckily its well past my ear lobes and if I pull the front down it does sit on my shoulders.  I was slightly traumatised for a couple of days but am now over myself.  I don't live in Syria. Its a hair cut and it will grow. The only bonus to my retro haircut is it does make me look younger - or so I'm told!

Here are a few pics from the last week...

Santa's lego presents! Kids loved this and it wasn't busy 

Beautiful Covent Garden

Trafalgar Square in all its winter glory
Paddington in Trafalgar Square - we also saw the gold one in Leicester Square
I have been trying to get a pic of my hair but its taken me about 30 minutes of faffing and to no avail. I am such a luddite.  Speaking of which something horrific happened to me yesterday. I don't mind facebook. Although not this timehop thing -seriously not only do we update a status you can now see what our status was 4 years ago incase you missed it and you can comment on it again! The world has gone mad hasn't it. Only the other day I witnessed a dad talking on his phone whilst his son headbutted a wall. It was a proper thump like possible minor injuries. The dad rubbed his head whilst still on the phone. He did not even finish his call and  he got the child to speak into his phone to tell the person why he was crying.  I try and switch off my phone every evening at 8.30 pm and I make sure I'm not scrolling through when the kids are chatting. Next year, I think I'm going to limit it even further.

I digress. I rarely go on twitter. I used to when I was really into my blogging but really can't see the point of documenting what you're thinking etc. I don't by and large follow celebrities but for some mad reason I decided to follow Russell Brand after he appeared on Question Time.  I also unwittingly 'followed' (it could have been buddy but now I think it was that stupid 'other people you may wish to follow') someone I would never in a million years wish to follow. I have never really typed about the reasons why - they know that I know what they did. Enough said. Oh er cryptic ain't it in my best Russell Brand voice. Thankfully it was unfollowed at the same time (I'm assuming it was seriously have no idea! #wails #WTF! Has that ever happened to you?  I remember asking a mum from school on how she'd found me on twitter and she said it came up on her who to follow. Well, who to follow - you have a lot to answer for! Its dangerous out there people. Be safe.

In other jolly news, my wonderful friend Cath (you know what I'm talking about above luv!) sent me a la surprise Mickey O'Flanagan's DVD. What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise. She was aware I was so disappointed I hadn't seen the Tour of France he did. I am delighted with it thank you!!

Finally, we saw the big man today at the garden centre. We have been to many Santa's over the years but this garden centre always comes up trumps. You don't have to queue long and the kids get a lovely xmas tree and coins. My son who is nearly 11 still believes in the big man but was less than impressed with seeing an 'imposter'. Fair point - why see one of his santa stand ins. Well, having questionned him about the nice/naughty list etc he's just said to me he thought that was the real Santa!

And on that note I wish you all a wonderful weekend. I have a fabulous quest post coming up - another success story on cutting calories. We are off out on a date night to see Frank Skinner tonight - hope he's funny.

Until next time.


  1. Having got rid of such darkness why would you want to follow it? As if!
    Time Hop on the other hand is quite good fun! You get to laugh at yourself and meaningless status updates from previous years haha!
    Enjoy Frank! x

    1. Indeed! I might have a go am tempted on time hop but then think is it too much?! Although mine were very ranty about a certain place weren't they and that got me into trouble! Thank you hope he's funny he'd better be xx