Monday, 22 December 2014

Another Success Story

I know how you all love these success story - as do I. It might be my blog but I also get a lot of inspiration from people who like to share their personal weight loss stories with my readers. Please give it up to Dawn who writes very candidly about her battles and the reasons why she had to to lose weight for the sake of her health. Over to you Dawn... 

So I have been overweight for as long as I remember. I first joined weightwatchers at the age of 12 and since then I have joined slimming clubs every other year until I hit 38 last year.

For 20 plus years I have used every excuse from ‘I am big boned’ to ‘I can’t lose weight’ to ‘I have an underactive thyroid’ so what has changed my mindset, well it happened my weight has finally impacted on my health. I won’t bore you with the details but I have now developed a health condition that could go into remission if I finally banish the bulk. Amazing how that biscuit, bar of chocolate and bowl of crisps no longer looks as attractive. I won’t deny it hasn’t been easy those first few weeks were soooo hard, my body craved a sugar pick me up nearly every hour between mealtimes but it has got easier or is it that I have finally broken the habit! I use to think you can’t possibly eat a sandwich without a packet of crisps that would be just so wrong!!

It is, as they say, eat three good meals a day and move more gets results. At my heaviest in December 2012 I weighed 18st 5lb I got down to 17st 12lbs when I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension in May this year. Today I am 14st 13lb with a journey still to go but now I think when I get to target not will I ever get to target!

Dawn pre diet
Don’t let crisps, chocolate, alcohol, cakes etc be part of your everyday diet let them be the monthly treat and I promise you will enjoy them so much more. Feeling better in yourself gives you such a positive outlook on all aspects of life and the energy you begin to get. I don’t shout for my sons to get me the phone or to run upstairs and get me a towel etc I do it myself. It no longer feels such an effort.

Dawn after cutting out the junk - looking much healthier and happier. Well done! 
Simple diet. Boring even but effective eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and NOTHING else. The more you lose the better you feel, the lighter you feel the more you move, it’s been that simple not easy but that simple. Forget that one biscuit won’t hurt, just a small piece of chocolate DON’T do it and in a very short period of time you won’t want to! I try to keep breakfast to 300 calories, lunch 400 calories and dinner around 500 calories or less.

Well I am looking forward to saying goodbye to 2014 and hello to a healthier me in 2015!

Catch up with you all in the Spring, take care...

...Dawn xx

Thank you so much Dawn. Your efforts have been highly rewarded. It takes guts to put yourself out there wtih before/after pictures but equally it forces your hand to keep going. I've added a link to Dawn's medical condition which I for one had never heard of.  I think aiming for 1200 calories a day is perfect because it gives you that 200 calorie discrepancy i.e the things that slip through the net so even if you get to 1400 you still lose weight.  Dawn admits that she had been going to a slimming club from the age of 12 on and off until she was 38. I rest my case on these clubs. I can't wait for your next up date. Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing.


  1. Love it. Well done Dawn. I'm looking forward to your follow up inn the spring. Good luck with the rest of your challenge.

    1. Thank you Rachel I'm sure Dawn will be very encouraged by your kind words x

  2. Big well doen Dawn, great to see things are changing for you, good luck on the rest of your journey. Thanks for sharing Natasha and Happy Christmas lovely. xx

    1. Hi lovely yourself and Merry Xmas to you - thank you for your lovely comments to Dawn xx