Saturday, 22 November 2014

What's Your Excuse for Not Getting Fit?

Is the second book that Joanne Henson has kindly given me to review. Much like the other "what's your excuse" book on not eating healthily it lists all manner of excuses. When I say book - its not going to take you ages to read and that's very appealing.  It acts as a quick guide also.  I immediately liked it when she talks about living in the UK.  In a nutshell she explained that if you live in the UK and you're not getting in a workout because of the weather then that's a whole  lot of exercise you're missing out on.  Simple but so true and really no one should be surprised when it rains in this country when it gets cold, windy or snows. We live in the UK!

What I like about her writing is that these sort of no nonsense statements really do stick in your mind. You might not take them all on board but I guarantee they'll be something that will really resonate with you.  For me it was the weather and also about being motivated. Something I have banged on about before - not being motivated to get back into a regular exercise routine in the winter months. Actually come to think of it I didn't for the duration of the school summer holidays. I can't even use the excuse of the weather for that one. I have always been motivated to exercise and from a very early age. For some reason there was a shift this year.

Anyhow, she talks of things that you are not 'motivated' to do i.e cleaning the toilet, getting up for work, the school run, the weekly food shop but you just do it because it needs to be done. You don't tend to think too much about it you just switch to auto pilot.  If you apply that to exercise then you will workout and even if you don't feel motivated you can certainly act motivated. Pretend you're really motivated to go for a hill walk in the rain and you will do it.

I have to say it really worked. On Monday, I decided to do my hill walk with Ipod irrespective of the weather. Sure enough Monday was dull, bleak with the added bonus of a bit of drizzle but I just thought about all the exercise I will miss if I don't just get out and do it.

I haven't been swimming for ages - again its getting colder etc but why should that really affect my attitude to going for a swim? Its not cold in the changing rooms, its not cold in the pool once I get my heart rate up and its a safe environment to work out it. I don't have dice with death with London buses like I do with cycling. The thing is I tend to hear other people's voices when I think about swimming "oh I don't like it in this weather - getting wet and especially my hair". Well, on Wednesday I put that all to one side and just went swimming. I am pleased to say I completed 40 lengths in about 40 minutes. Not as much as I used to do but a significant amount seeing as I haven't been since the summer.

Now on Friday, again, it was forecast for rain but with the UK statement firmly embedded in my brain I met a friend and, again, power walked (much faster with this friend as she set a good pace) along a hilly route. So I managed to get my heart rate up 3 x this week when it would have been far easier not to bother.  This is a massive improvement.

In other news, its my birthday tomorrow! Dah dah dah. We may or may not go to London depending on the weather. Exercise is one thing - 3 children in tow is another.  So we shall see.

How fab is the deco here - coming to a kitchen near me soon. I already have the chairs but in cream and blue piping but I would love to have a booth and totally redesign my kitchen.
I had a lovely lunch date in the week with my oldie bestie friend. We went to a lovely diner and I did have a cheeseburger (which was very fresh) with the trimmings. To compensate that I had no starter or desert and had soup for my dinner.  I didn't lose any weight this week which I'm okay with as its still 9lbs and I still have time before Xmas.

Here's Cath looking the picture of health - you can read her blog oh marvellous to see why a healthy lifestyle is so important to her.  We have waited 10 years for lunch without buggies and what not - did we feel guilty? Not a chance! 
Have a great weekend!

I was given a copy of the above book for free in exchange for a review. I always try and review things that are relevant to my blog (unless of course its something really extravagant and I just wnat it!) My review is, as always, brutally honest as you would come to expect

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