Tuesday, 4 November 2014

All The Pretty Things....And Not So Pretty..

Well let me start with the pretty first shall I? Pretty good that I lost 7lbs in just over a week I think. Now this would ordinarily be a right joyous affair, however, I had managed to get to my heaviest (I'm not quite sure how that happened as it was all a bit out of the blue). So, thankfully I'm back in control and my target is to have lost 16lbs by Xmas Day.  So 9lbs to go.

As the nights are drawing in, I have been perusing 'things'. Lots of pretty things I don't really need but they look lovely nonetheless.  Its my birthday at the end of the month so I like to do a bit of virtual shopping. In addition, Christmas is a coming and I always struggle to think of things "I want" as my first thought is what to get the kids, husband and family members. Then said family members want to know what to get for the above.  Anyhow, I'm going to indulge myself and you. What do you think maybe I should do a trendy lifestyle blog aka Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely? Pah ha ha.

Lovely these little blighters - currently en route thank you Lakeland for relieving me of a few pounds as naturally you don't just buy cookie cutters when you visit! I thought these would make great place name settings for Xmas Day Dinner.

Typical isn't it - last year I couldn't find a Kitchen Aid hand mixer for love nor money and yet here it is also at Lakeland £99. I think I actually prefer my Dualit which has a far more retro feel.  

I love these bags! My friend Barbara (classy chick) liked their facebook page and I've been hooked ever since. I did like Michael Kors but it seems so does every woman I see.  These glorious bags are by henri bendel a New York company. Their website alone is enough to entice you. This one is a 'petrol' satchel and is naturally more expensive than the dark blue colour I initially had my eyes on.

Now this is just the ticket to indulge my Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton fetish at the moment. What I love about this coat is the hood. From M&Co.
Speaking of which - I have started a collection of green eyeshadows (I normally wear varying shades of brown).
This was on my wish list last year (mother!) its a bit pricey at £60 odd quid but I love it. You probably need a modest pair of boobs really to wear it. I love the fact the hunted is now the hunter. From Joules

Comfort before fashion and all that - not quite sure on these from Clarks but my inner soon to be 41 year old is screaming 'comfort' on the school run. And then I saw these bad boys below...

And then I saw these..I love these also. Which ones? You decide! All from Clarks.

Its taken me so long to upload and give you links and what not that I'll have to do a separate post on the 'not so pretty' things. 

I hope I've indulged your material yearnings on a cold and wet November evening here in the UK.

Be back soon!

Disclaimer - this is my own personal wish list and I haven't been paid or given these items to review which I would always disclose.  


  1. Love the middle boots or bottom ones, DEF not the top pic ewww! Love the cookie cutters, bag, mixer and coat not sure on the eyeshadow (Kermit) or the jumper (Tory!)
    Yey to the weight loss and Christmas! That is all xxxx

    1. ha ha - very funny re Tory but you may have a point!! Great to see you on the blog - get the ryvita and tuna ready missus! xx

  2. Wow, £99 for a hand mixer? I bought one for £10-£15 from Sainsbury's about 4 years ago and it's still doing the job wonderfully. And I use it quite a lot! In any case, otherwise discover Amazon maybe?

    1. I know it is rather pricey but then its Kitchen Aid! Amazon is the only way to shop isn't it - I do have a lovely mixer my mum bought last year at Xmas. Thank you for commenting x

  3. I think you'd make a great lifestyle blogger!! Seven pounds? Wow! That's really amazing. I've made a bit more progress too so will write you an update in a couple of weeks xx

    1. thank you - will let you know this weeks progress - I heard about your progress well done!! x