Monday, 27 October 2014

Happy Birthday Blog!

I suddenly realised this week that my blog is 3 years old (on 25th October). I first started writing it to lose weight and got a bit side tracked with rants and what not along the way!  I cannot quite believe that I will shortly have over one million hits. Who would have thought? Now, I read in YOU magazine this Sunday that some fashion bloggers get one million hits a day - that's serious stuff and it is a full time job - writing, tweeting, uploading pictures all the time.  Good luck to them. I would have loved to have those sorts of numbers etc in the beginning but I'm happy with my little blog and the occasional review opportunities and what not that come my way. I also think I've got the balance between living my life and documenting it.

Anyhow, enough of all that jazz. Where am I? Well I've taken charge of my diet again after staying the same for so long. If you do the same things you can expect the same results don't you think? I've nearly finished my chimp book and have put my CORE into practice. That would be "commitment" "ownership" "responsibility" and "excellence".  I had to list all the 'hurdles' - things I will always have to jump over i.e eating fewer calories, committing to exercise, changing eating habits, pmt etc. The 'barriers' which can be moved i.e temptation, weather (exercising indoors), negative people (remove!). The 'pitfalls' i.e emotions, attitude etc.  I have worked out my plan and how I am going to achieve it. Then you have to add what is 'essential' to lose weight. That would be exercise, calories - what is 'significant' i.e setting time aside and what is 'desirable' but not essential i.e support from others.

What I've learnt from this book is that willpower does not exist - its about having the commitment to reach your goal.  In addition, beating yourself up is the most pointless emotion ever. It serves no purpose.

So in order to honor my commitment to losing weight I have decided to focus more on my blog, complete my fitness pal (eating 1500 calories a day) and exercise 3 x a week. I had to agree this with my chimp as by all accounts if you can't agree then there's more chance of failure. Basically you have to be realistic. I'm going to stop beating myself up for not exercising properly in the half term. I will aim to be as active as possibly with the kids as this is realistic. I have set a target to lose 16lbs by Xmas this is based on losing 2lb a week. If I commit to the above then I can do it.

In other news, we went to London on Saturday to see the ceramic poppies in the moat at The Tower of London (I've also ordered one) - yes they're not real as someone actually said out loud "so they're not real then?".  We were able to get to the railings to see the poppies but the walk around on the pavement was heaving - we walked back to London Bridge via Tower Bridge so got a good view from all sides. Prior to that we visited the Imperial War Museum - the kids really enjoyed it although again it was very busy. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone with children - boys and girls alike as there is so much to see and touch.

Here are some pictures from our grand day out!

The magnificent Spitfire

The many volunteers planting the poppies
A brilliant work of art

Stunning and sad in equal measure

Be back soon!


  1. Good luck with your goal - 16lbs by xmas is totally doable. And happy blogiversary! xxx

  2. Would love to see those poppies! Congratulations on the blog - you're 3 days older than Carole's Chatter - you old thing! Cheers

    1. Isn't that funny my two favourite commentators commenting on my blog! Thank you and Happy Birthday to you x