Saturday, 13 September 2014

What Do You Do ALL Day?

This is going to be the title of my brand new blog. Naturally, I will keep this one but the new one will hopefully save me the time and bother to having to explain what I do all day now that my youngest child has started school full-time. And yes, I mean full-time there was no staggering - on the 3rd September he went in at 8.55 and was released with good behavior at 3.10pm.

Now, before I list a few examples, which will be on the blog and who knows it could be an internet sensation (if I could afford a cameraman to follow my movements I would put that on youtube) I will tell you what I've done all day for the past 10 years.  I haven't watched daytime telly, I have had countless sleepless nights (sometimes 3 hours and not in one go), I have clocked watched to do school drop offs, pre-school drop offs, not had a piss without interruptions, oh the interruptions!! I have walked 10,000 steps before lunch time, I have tried to cram in an hour of exercise and failing many times, had 4 sick days I repeat only 4 days off sick in 10 years, cooked, cleaned, weekly shop, homework, baths, reading, parents evening, inset days, doctors, dentists and the list goes on. So if  I wanted to sit and watch daytime telly or find an hour of exercise in my allocated 6 hours that they are at school then I bloody well will.

Only thing is I don't have the time!! I desperately want to live up to the perception that SAHM's have too much time on their hands but I can't. Even now. Whilst people think you have All day they don't really include the fact you've got up at 7 am and don't knock off till 8pm everyday - longer in the school holidays. So up yours!!  Full-time working ones just have to do all the things that I get done in the day in the evening or at the weekends. I have 6 hours in the day they have to find the time outside their day job. 

Here's an example of a typical day:-

6.45 am - 9.00 am - get up, dressed, 3 x kids organise, put washing in, breakfasts, lunch boxes (already prepared in the evening but still need packing), washing up, drying up, myself dressed, guinea pig routine, book bags reading records, walk to school drop off back home.

9.15 - (yes had 15 mins to check emails how very decadent of me) - 11.00 am weekly shop, unpack, banking (3 banks), post office drop off parcel.

11-1.30 pm unpack shopping, put out re-cycling, clean toilet shower downstairs, wash floors, hang washing out, ironing, lunch (20 mins - how long is your lunch break?).

1.30 - 2.30pm  cycled to friends house (look time to myself what a wanker I am!) for a coffee and chat.

2.30 - 3.00pm - final tidy up and emails and time to do the school run. Did you see any daytime telly and sitting around. No you didn't.Granted I had a bit of social interaction with another human being for less than an hour. String me up.

3. - 3.40pm - school run complete - my youngest finishes at 3.10 and the others 3.25 pm.

3.40 - 4pm - clean out lunch boxes, book bags.

4pm - 4.15pm - I have to be honest I don't really know where these lost 15 minutes go to - but hardly significant enough for some serious faffing.

4.15 - 5pm  start dinner preparations might fit in a bit of chit chat with the kids.

5pm - 5.45pm - dinner ready and consumed and washed up and dried up.

5.45- 6.00pm - brownie run - pick up daugher's friend and take them to brownies.

6.00 - 6.45pm  talk to husband a bit of  TV and the news, coffees and a bit of paper reading, washing in and prepare 4 x sandwiches/lunch boxes.

6.45pm -7.45pm - bathtimes, hairwash, daughter arrives back, bedtime stories, homework. 

7.45pm - 8pm - final tidy ready to sit down.

That is a typical Tuesday and that, my friends is what I did ALL  day!

So, what do you think worthy of a new blog?  I think so.  I will make time for an hour's exercise. One of the dad's is a personal trainer and I am going to attend his boot camp session on a Friday morning because I'm worth it!

Be back very shortly with Saturday Chit Chat and a very exciting new guest blog regular feature.


  1. Be very careful. I've read all those damning articles about SAHMs who find time to blog at the expense of their children. Just make sure the time of each post's publication is set to 1 a.m. and you should be safe.

    1. ha ha just they try!! I can type 120wpm and can bash one out (matron!) in 20 mins and 9 x out of 10 its when they're in bed mother *******!! x

    2. Right, I won't mess with you then. LOL

  2. I am not sure if this is in response to something? Or is it just generally the debate about SAHM's? I am a bit of both - 2.5 days at work, the rest at home. One child has just started school, one is still at home with me (she's 16 months). I don't find one easier than the other, both are just very different. Some days I do just sit and watch tv when I can (while baby is napping). Other days I clean, sort and cook. It's busy either way. I much prefer the home bits overall, just because I'm with my babies, but there are days and times when it is really really stressful. Or mind numbing lay boring.

    1. Hi Katherine - good to hear from you - not really re SAHM v working as no one really cares do they? I am jealous of your TV watching and I was trying to think back when I had one at school and one at home what was I doing I think she was at pre-school and I did go to the gym from 10 -11 and then get changed dart back and get her so I suppose you could count that as my faffing. Other days we went to playgroup etc xx

  3. OH I am so with you on this! I cannot believe how quickly the time goes and how little I get done. I am also finding that with night time clubs, it is often 9 before I finally sit down and I am even too tired to do any blogging!!

    1. Hello Nikki - 6 hours, its 6 hours and if you have 2 taken out for shopping or something kid related only 4 hours! I know with 2 children at school I could just about manage a bit of blogging in the evening but am really struggling with 3 at school! How you do it with 4 I just don't know! x