Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Allo, Allo!  have returned from our annual jolly to France - 2 weeks in Southern Brittany. Thankfully everything went well as prior to our departure lots of things were conspiring against us - the car going mental and having to be put in the garage, my finger being 'broken' okay maybe it wasn't but its still sore now and I can't get my ring over the knuckle, little fella was sick 2 days before we went but thankfully was just a morning thing, discovering the day before that the car could do with an oil top up and other little niggles that I can't quite remember now.

In any event, everything went smoothly - I didn't lose the passports, the car didn't break down and no one had to pay a visit to the hospital. If none of these things happen whilst you're on holiday you've had a good one in my book!  Although its only 2 weeks away you just never know. It wouldn't be a holiday without my annual trip to a French chemist - my fingers keep going scabby with water type blisters I'm definitely allergic to something but what?! So I got some cream for that. The house we stayed in was wonderful and only a short stroll to the many beaches dotted along the coastline. I cycled with my son during the second half of the week to the local boulangier along the coastal route which was just beautiful. The following week I was driving in Tooting, South London - quite a contrast!! Speaking of which Buddy's tongue tie has FINALLY been cut hooray!!

I will post pictures and what not later on in the week.  I ate well (kept 95% off the crisps - reckon I had 2 packets in total) in that I ate a lot of bread, ham, salad, prawns, lardy type cake (instant heart burn but so worth it), bbq meat and oven pizza. I have not put on any weight!! Can't really believe it given that we had real butter on everything. I didn't eat many croissants (2 I think) and had a yogurt and nectarine for my breakfast.

So, I'm back. Back with my fitbit (20,000 steps today just sorting the house out), back with my fitness pal. Rachel from The Ordinary Lovely quite rightly points out that September is like a fresh start probably more so than January and I'm inclined to agree. I've given myself 3 months before I march down to the doctors with print outs of my food intake etc demanding a thyroid test!

I will post bikini pics etc later on in the week. I have a blog post to do about setting up a school cycling club so stay tuned if that floats your boat.

Sorry for the banal chit chat - its been a while!

Until next time...


  1. Welcome home. looking forward to the photos. Love to Vanessa too - how's she doing? I totally agree about September being the New Year, partly because I'm Jewish so it is our new year and partly because my birthday is tomorrow.

    1. Thank you sorry for the late reply!! Nessa has stopped losing and doing the carb thang which I think was always going to happen and she is very stressed with work etc hence the no blog post. Happy Birthday to you!! I've been meaning to read you blog post on the war properly I skimmed it quickly prior to going on holiday. It was very interesting and I have been thinking about you and your little one x

  2. An incident-free holiday, yay! Well done re the weight. How are your fingers now? Do you think it's strain from sitting at your typewriters each day pretending to be Richard Burton?

    1. No one would have believed.....! My finger is still a bit sore - can't get one of my rings over it! It could well be Richards fault.... x