Monday, 29 September 2014

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Have you any brains?  I have been meaning to write about the rather boring task of finding a secondary school for my eldest.  It hasn't been very hard if truth be told - I only wish I hadn't wasted time on looking at others when we always knew it would be the school that is less than a 5 minute walk away.

As discussed in my previous post, this school used to be rubbish but it isn't now. This is evident by its exam results. This is evident with the millions that was pumped into building a brand new building - not add on's and huts - 21st century facilities with £1 million alone on an ICT unit. It also has a recording studio, apple computers and when the old building is torn down a state of the art athletics track is being built. The teachers we spoke to (some only been there a year) were buzzing with excitement - in fact the music teacher could hardly contain himself and who can blame him? The exam results are on a par if not better than others in the local area as is the ofsted report. The head himself (quite rightly) proclaims "why wouldn't you send your child here?" Why indeed? Enter the sheep.

The sheep are followers. They never look at the bigger picture they have to go with what the herd are doing and generally plump for something that has up and came rather than is up and coming.  Never plucking for the underdog. 

We now have a state of the art 21st century secondary school in our local area. No huts - I am so over huts and walking into different buildings to learn in a crumie old environment which is dressed up as having character or a feel to it. Bollocks to that! Its old, run down and is generally a bastard to get to. We have a school people! We have a school for our local children! They can walk but the sheep turn their noses. 

A bit like politics you can never really change the mindset of those that switch off to any common sense and reason.  The arguments are "I see what comes out of there" - not sure what that means but I can only come to the sad conclusion (given that I've been telling people until I'm blue in the face that behavior from the students is good)  that this must have to do with ethnic origin. What else could it be? If they're told behavior is good, the results are good, the facilities are outstanding and your child can walk?  Whereas the 'quaint' schools with huts, a bus ride (in the dark in the winter) with the same results, same ofsted is predominately white.  Doesn't take a genius does it?

This school has done its part - the community should do its part and send their children to the local school instead of busing them out. This is also laughable - many haven't let their child out of their sight but in less than a year they're more than happy to wave them off on a couple of buses in the dark in a densely populated London borough. Quality.

Each to their own and ultimately people have the freedom of choice and I'm actually hoping (much like my kids primary) that no one does bother as it means it keeps the class sizes small and we can all sit smugly in the knowledge that we are one lucky bunch of parents. 

The results were in from the grammar and my son didn't make the grade - 4380 children sat the 1st range of exams which (even though my son didn't realise there were 2 more questions on the back and had 10 mins to spare) consisted of 45 mins of maths and 45 of english only 1800 were called back for round two. My son was a tad disappointed (you don't get to find out where in the 4380 your child came or what percentage they got or what the percentage rate is) as he wanted the day off school for the next round! I was disappointed for him but we always knew he wasn't going there and that he took the tests as a bit of an experiment - I mean we got a test type paper off amazon and that was the extent of our preparation!  Also they day after we visited the state of the art school he wrote in his diary that he was desperate to go there and would be sad if he didn't.  Ultimately they've got to go there so it should be their choice and believe me we've seen some right naff buildings including the grammar school! 

Anyhow, back to the diet and what not. I did my first boot camp the other week and quite frankly I could hardly move my legs until 5 days later!! I was very sceptical about going again but I did return last Friday and enjoyed it so much.  I walked today and feel I'm getting back into the swing of things. I haven't weighed myself though I just can't face it at the mo. I might do next week.  

I'm also reading a very interesting book about how our mind works - more of which later on in the week.  

I'm feeling good - happy and healthy and in good rant form! 

Until next time..

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