Monday, 14 July 2014

Happy Bastille Day!

Picture my own! Yay I own this object!
Bonsoir, Bonsoir and all that jazz. No more football - alas the Argies didn't win (I had them in the family sweep stake and was set to 'win' £50) which, on balance, was probably a fair result. The German's were awesome in the tournament. How things have changed though - I used to hate Argentina. In fact, I can barely talk about that ill fated football match where Beckham was sent off and we were down to 10 men. It was a great match and I don't believe an England side since that game have really had the same amount of passion. Many a fan cried that night including myself. Its still raw, still raw!  Anyhow, they're not a dirty tackling side anymore are they? I quite liked them and Messi seems quite sweet cue some sordid tabliod story. The last time I said "oh he seems like a nice family man" was about Ryan Giggs....

So, I can now fully concentrate on the Tour De France and I feel also I've got back to concentrating on my health and fitness. I set the alarm this morning for 6 am and did my kettle bell workout, although, I'm not sure how effective this is as I am still half asleep and don't push myself as much if I'm more awake. Still, I suppose its better than laying in bed. I re-charged my fitbit and have done over 20,000 steps today - that is going to be the aim. I also filled in my food diary and (get this) I have given up CRISPS. Oh my, I realise I have a bit of an addiction thang going on so have decided to go cold prawn cocktail and cut them out altogether.

Tomorrow, we're off to hospital to tie up the consultant and make him do Buddy's tongue tie. I shall return then with an update.

Ta ta for now or should I say Au revoir ...

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