Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Coffee and Kettle Bells

Any excuse to show off my Hermes typewriter sitting proudly on my 1970's piece of furniture

This is a review about coffee!  I was sent (for free!) 4 packs of these expresso coffee capsules from CafePod. I don't do many reviews - I only do the stuff I know I will like or want.  So when I was offered them I said tah very much. There is also a prize if you post 4 pictures of where you like to enjoy your expresso. I'm probably the worst person to enter a photography competition as they are poor at the best of times. Anyhow, I had a go and like to think they are creative?!

So here they are my 4 sample boxes from CafePod. You can check them out on their website here.

I love coffee. I love expresso and we even have our own little expresso cups so it wasn't a tough gig.  I also like to drink a cup prior to working out - not always but on occasions I do. I don't know if it makes a big difference but we can live in hope. I once read that if you drink coffee before a work out it speeds up your metabolism so I'm going to believe the illusive 'they'.

I can live in hope on this one - do you like our expresso cups?  I used a 1972 filter  for this photo - I think I deserve to win based purely on this!

Let us not forget that you can add expresso into your baking. These are perfect for adding into a coffee cake which everyone loves in this house.

Don't forget to use expresso in coffee cake - it is far superior than granulated coffee

I drink at least 3 cups of coffee a day. I don't drink diet coke/lemonade anymore - or very rarely i.e when I'm out (again very rarely!) - I love coffee. I do visit the local coffee shop but that's more of a social thing and I'm not really into walking around with a coffee cup surgically attached to my hand. I am a coffee at home kind of gal! Okay middle aged woman.

Another fancy glass if you please - lungo with frothy milk and The World Cup!
I was given the expresso smooth, expresso intense, arabica lungo and expresso ristretto. My favourite was the arabica lungo as I like a lungo so I do.  I'm not sure what a lungo is but I like it. The expresso intense is just the ticket for a coffee cake as it has hints of dark chocolate and chestnut as does the ristretto - dark chocolate and ripe red fruits or you could whack in the smooth - chocolate with hints of walnut.  The ristretto one will knock your socks off if you drink as an expresso and I did have it prior to work out. I was on fire!

So there you have it - CafePod nespresso compatible coffee capsules. Check them out at and tell them I sent you!

As mentioned above I was given 4 x boxes of coffee capsules for free in exchange for a review on my blog. I only review stuff I like so I said yes please and hope they pick my pictures! 


  1. the world cup coffee pic is inspired!!! love the article and if I didn't hate coffee with a passion I would be straight round yours to help you finish those freebies ! Your Sis (the Elder)

    1. lol - why the anon you nutter!! You're mad its a great drink! Your Sis (the younger) x

  2.!!! think you've been hacked into...

    1. I always get spam but sometimes they slip through

  3. I'm waiting for a flashy coffee machine to be delivered and then my life will be complete! Mich x