Monday, 21 July 2014

The Letter C Diet

Ah ha ha ha. That's all I can remember of Count Dracula from Sesame Street I'm afraid. Not too sure of his intro but anyhow this leads me nicely into my thoughts for a revolutionary new diet. I should ditch The 1970s Diet and call it The Letter C Diet. Millions will rush out and snap up my simple, no nonsense and rapid weight loss words of advice in paperback or hardback. I might even see if I can get a picture of Count Dracula on the cover. What do you reckon?

Count Dracula from Sesame Street - picture google pics 

Actually what am I talking about? See, this is what happens when you write a blog post at 10.00pm. It was Cookie Monster who did the letter of the day on Sesame Street. He is perfect for this post of which I will explain below.

C is for Cookie Monster and most things that make you fat! 
I wrote, what seems like ages ago and most probably was, giving up the three 'c's. If I can recollect it was crisps, chocolate and cake? Well, I revisited this on Monday last week. Yes, my friends a whole 7 days. I have not touched a crisp and I have had no desire to eat them.  They were sneaking back into my lunch alongside my ryvitas and popping into my mouth without any consideration whilst dishing them up to Buddy at lunch time.  In fact, I think I consumed 3 x child frazzle type packs in one day which equated to just under 300 calories. Now, its all well and good logging it and saying its part of your allowance but ultimately I think I have a crisp addiction. I am a crisp addict. I've said it. I decided I need to go cold turkey with the intention of giving them up until it was my holiday but now I'm just like actually I'm just going to give them up.

Then I started thinking about all the things that begin with C that I like and are actually not condusive to losing weight in a hurry. Here goes...







CHORIZO SAUSAGE (possibly the world's most tastiest sausage - matron!)


CREAM (whipped, poured or clotted)

CHINESE TAKE-AWAYS (very rare these days but see what I mean!)

CURRY (see above)

CROISSANTS (all butter) 


CAULIFLOWER CHEESE (its lovely but still cheese) 

CARBS (I'm okay with carbs but some people see them as the enemy) 

I'm sure there's lots more - feel free to add any C's to my list.  What do you get if you eat lots of C's in your diet. CHUBBY! Another C. Now this may sound basic but I reckon if you cut out the letter 'C' from your diet then you will lose weight instantly!

Now, I don't drink Coke anymore, the chinese/curry aren't really an issue. I'd like to say I eat lots of cauliflower cheese but my roast dinners are piss poor and I can't see anyone making me this fab dish for me anytime soon.  I've cut out crisps and also cookies as from today. I don't eat lots of them but I always manage to find a way of eating one at the weekend when the husband buys those giant ones for the kids. Chocolate mmmmm not a massive problem, having said that I did have a 99 flake Corneto at the weekend! Oh dear, I do have problems don't I. I have been known to accept a slice of homemade cake (especially on my Wednesday lunch date with Em) so that's another one on the list that needs to be cut out. Come to think of it do I eat anything that doesn't start with the letter C?

Mostly I'm feeling good that I've just said no more on the crisp front. I'm excited to add cake and chocolate also. Cream - I should go cold turkey also. I've been having a dash and I mean a dash on my strawberries at lunch time. These are all Calories that just add up - I'd say at least 300 a day.

Well that's my ground breaking decision pre holiday. My stomach has gone down a bit already and I will take a bikini shot this year also and you can tell me what you think. I haven't weighed myself for ages but I reckon a couple of 1lbs off. I managed two workouts last week the swimming and the kettlebells which I think I told you about.

More news later this week on kids, the NHS and more!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Happy Bastille Day!

Picture my own! Yay I own this object!
Bonsoir, Bonsoir and all that jazz. No more football - alas the Argies didn't win (I had them in the family sweep stake and was set to 'win' £50) which, on balance, was probably a fair result. The German's were awesome in the tournament. How things have changed though - I used to hate Argentina. In fact, I can barely talk about that ill fated football match where Beckham was sent off and we were down to 10 men. It was a great match and I don't believe an England side since that game have really had the same amount of passion. Many a fan cried that night including myself. Its still raw, still raw!  Anyhow, they're not a dirty tackling side anymore are they? I quite liked them and Messi seems quite sweet cue some sordid tabliod story. The last time I said "oh he seems like a nice family man" was about Ryan Giggs....

So, I can now fully concentrate on the Tour De France and I feel also I've got back to concentrating on my health and fitness. I set the alarm this morning for 6 am and did my kettle bell workout, although, I'm not sure how effective this is as I am still half asleep and don't push myself as much if I'm more awake. Still, I suppose its better than laying in bed. I re-charged my fitbit and have done over 20,000 steps today - that is going to be the aim. I also filled in my food diary and (get this) I have given up CRISPS. Oh my, I realise I have a bit of an addiction thang going on so have decided to go cold prawn cocktail and cut them out altogether.

Tomorrow, we're off to hospital to tie up the consultant and make him do Buddy's tongue tie. I shall return then with an update.

Ta ta for now or should I say Au revoir ...

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Allo Allo

Barny has been a tad pre-occupied with the world cup also

Its been too long. The World Cup and The Tour de France - did you really think I'd have time to blog?!  I didn't even see a single bit of Wimbledon either! The past few weeks have been busy, busy and some more busy. My youngest finishes pre-school next week - cue wailing! I'm so sad about this I cannot begin to tell you but I shan't dwell on it, however, it does mean getting cards (already purchased), sunflowers (purchased and about to die), pot plants (painted and varnished), wine bottle and bag for the teachers. My eldest two children have an end of year performance of Mary Poppins and I have lots of buttons to glue on a hat and make a sash as my daughter is the pearly queen.  I will also be watching their performance in the evening and day. Let us not forget Sports Day!

If a chocolate sponge cake bear could talk he would say "I like your flags"

Then its our anniversary at the end of the month so present purchased - its wood this year. I got a mallet to twat him over the head with - just kidding. Its a wooden Eiffel tower as that's where we honeymooned. I like it anyhow. The car had a tow bar fitted and a bike thing to attach to it arrived also in preparation for our family holiday in France. Oh, and our hallway has been re-decorated, the playroom has been cleared out of rouge bits of toys (2 bin liners full) and another room has been sorted. My daughter's bedroom is at defcon 5 and I need to psych myself up for that one.

So there you have all my excuses. On the exercise front I managed 2 x kettle bell workouts and 1 x 50 lengths of swimming last week. This week has been somewhat dismal - 1 x kettle bell and its Thursday already. I haven't logged onto myfitnesspal or been wearing my fitbit. I have derailed somewhat but thankfully I'm no bigger - I am the same weight. I need to start the before and after pics again - perhaps I'll do that next week.

I feel better for writing this as when I don't blog it makes me forget about trying to lose weight.

Finally, we were sent these bad boys to review....

Meet Chocolate Barny
These are little cake bears with chocolate or strawberry in the centre. They come in little foil packets and the kids woffed them down. I mean how european do they look?! My eldest who is 10 said "I'm going to rip his head off" I don't suppose the manufacturers would want that to be a slogan anytime soon but it made me chuckle!  I will certainly be getting some for the beach in France and given that they originate from there it will be very fitting.

How cute is he and not babyish for my 10 year old!

Love the packaging

we were given two packets of Barny to eat free of charge for the purpose of this review. As ever I've been honest! These will be great for the beach

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Coffee and Kettle Bells

Any excuse to show off my Hermes typewriter sitting proudly on my 1970's piece of furniture

This is a review about coffee!  I was sent (for free!) 4 packs of these expresso coffee capsules from CafePod. I don't do many reviews - I only do the stuff I know I will like or want.  So when I was offered them I said tah very much. There is also a prize if you post 4 pictures of where you like to enjoy your expresso. I'm probably the worst person to enter a photography competition as they are poor at the best of times. Anyhow, I had a go and like to think they are creative?!

So here they are my 4 sample boxes from CafePod. You can check them out on their website here.

I love coffee. I love expresso and we even have our own little expresso cups so it wasn't a tough gig.  I also like to drink a cup prior to working out - not always but on occasions I do. I don't know if it makes a big difference but we can live in hope. I once read that if you drink coffee before a work out it speeds up your metabolism so I'm going to believe the illusive 'they'.

I can live in hope on this one - do you like our expresso cups?  I used a 1972 filter  for this photo - I think I deserve to win based purely on this!

Let us not forget that you can add expresso into your baking. These are perfect for adding into a coffee cake which everyone loves in this house.

Don't forget to use expresso in coffee cake - it is far superior than granulated coffee

I drink at least 3 cups of coffee a day. I don't drink diet coke/lemonade anymore - or very rarely i.e when I'm out (again very rarely!) - I love coffee. I do visit the local coffee shop but that's more of a social thing and I'm not really into walking around with a coffee cup surgically attached to my hand. I am a coffee at home kind of gal! Okay middle aged woman.

Another fancy glass if you please - lungo with frothy milk and The World Cup!
I was given the expresso smooth, expresso intense, arabica lungo and expresso ristretto. My favourite was the arabica lungo as I like a lungo so I do.  I'm not sure what a lungo is but I like it. The expresso intense is just the ticket for a coffee cake as it has hints of dark chocolate and chestnut as does the ristretto - dark chocolate and ripe red fruits or you could whack in the smooth - chocolate with hints of walnut.  The ristretto one will knock your socks off if you drink as an expresso and I did have it prior to work out. I was on fire!

So there you have it - CafePod nespresso compatible coffee capsules. Check them out at and tell them I sent you!

As mentioned above I was given 4 x boxes of coffee capsules for free in exchange for a review on my blog. I only review stuff I like so I said yes please and hope they pick my pictures!