Thursday, 19 June 2014

The World Cup Diet

Consists of sitting down a lot and eating a few honey roasted nuts at inappropriate times of the day i.e 9.30pm.  I have made sure I haven't just been a total couch potato. However, if I don't do exercise in the day, there is no chance I'm doing it later on in the evening. This is because our household schedule is now running around the World Cup.

My eldest son is quite taken by it - so is my daughter but to a lesser degree. We've had to get them two separate World Cup sheets from the papers as they were fighting over who would fill in the scores. My son has done very well on the betting front - he's had a £2 stake with the hubster for every match and hasn't lost one yet. Correction he's just lost the 5pm match tonight. I should have taken him down to William Hill at the start and got him to pick each match winner - I could have been right in the money. Never mind about teaching your child not to bet - get them down the betting shop that's what I say!

Our dinner is now served before kick off. Although my husband nearly got it over his head the other night when he inquired whether dinner would be ready at 5pm or was I okay to work through it?! I reminded him that we do have a pause button don't you know. So when the 5pm game finishes its bath, homework, washing up, drying up guinea pigs away - all set for the match at 8pm. So there is no chance of me working out during that time.

Speaking of which I did the level 2 kettelbell workout on Sunday using the 6kg. I felt most chuffed as I was able to complete about 85% at this level. But my goodness, I was aching all over the next day and the next - hips, arms you name it.  I went swimming (why do 70 year old women insist on stripping bollock naked next to me? I get it you don't care but I do. I'm not ready to see what my body will look like in 30 years time. Put it away!) yesterday and did 46 lengths which was the earliest I could have done any exercise. So next time I do the workout I'll be using the 4kg until I'm confident I won't do myself a serious injury. I mean 6kg is nearly a stone isn't it.

Check out my 'business' pah ha ha cards for Britmums live. My husband couldn't help himself "Author? Author? Let's hope no one wants a copy of your book!" Bastard. I don't actually know why I put that but there you go.

So weight wise - I think I lost a 1lb but that was on Sunday when I had a cheeky gander.  I don't feel it now mind you and I have decided not to weigh myself for the rest of the month. This may be very foolish but I want a break from being a slave to the scales. I will continue with the exercise and make sure I have my photo's (a great incentive) taken at the start of July.  I hope you all don't mind. By the way my heel is 85% better its such a great feeling knowing I can walk up a hill and get out of bed without the pain - its still there but very dull. Result.

In other news, I'm more or less packed for Britmums tomorrow - Aldi were doing a lovely little hand luggage bag for £13 so thought that would be perfect. I tried on my new jeans from marks and sparks - I have been buying their sculpt and lift jeans which are excellent, pull up over your belly, are stretchy and lift your arse all in one go. What more do you want from a pair of jeans? Well you don't want 'skinny' which is what I thought they were - turns out I wear the 'straight' jeans.

So for my first introduction to a blogging conference I am going as an 80's teenager wearing jeans that look like they've been spray painted on and (no mean feat) make my thighs look double their normal size. Still least it'll be good post material for the fashion bloggers something along the lines of "what not to wear when you're 40 and going to a blogging conference".  I do hope I get a credit and a link to my blog.

Talking of links, I am now on facebook! So, if you like my blog and like facebook then I would be most pleased if you liked my facebook page.  Please click here.

Right off to watch the England match, excuse all the typos and what not its been a rushed one tonight. Be back soon with all the blogging goss from the blogging equivalent to the Ideal Home Exhibition.

Ta ta for now


  1. Good to finally meet you at the weekend Dr Southern! Mich x

    1. And you! Loved the "have you started ranting at the stands yet!" classic x

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