Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday Chit Chat

Haven't done one of these for a while now have I?  I'm writing this quite quickly its the World Cup don't you know. My daughter has been sick today - both ends! Lovely and now the husband is lying down also.  I, on the other hand, have a cast iron stomach and have yet to be struck down.  A child at my son's pre-school was sick last week in a small room. As the mum came to pick her up she said "oh yes she was sick this morning!" You have got to be kidding me. As my friend said this is the ultimate mum sin. Taking your child into pre-school/school knowing full well that they are sick. Its just selfish - how desperate you gotta be for a few hours of 'me time'.  The rest of us all then have to suffer. I wouldn't dream of taking in my children if they had been sick in the morning.  Anyhow, I don't really think its that as my youngest hasn't been ill - I think my daughter is lax on the hand washing front at time. We're quite strict on it in this house. You have to be if you don't want worms (sorry if you're eating your tea), tummy bugs etc etc.  My children wash hands before every meal and if they've been out in the garden or touching the guinea pigs. However, my daughter is a bit hit and miss and I'm sure its that. Or she could have picked up bug yesterday when she was at a party. Who knows?

Talking of all things illness related. My children have never had nits.  Touch wood. Touch wood. I used to always wash their hair with tee tree oil and double platt my daughter's hair.  I like to think this has done the job. However, they have all had something that was never around when I was at school but, by all accounts, is very common if you google it. I am talking about Molluscum Contagiosum. Its just an awful thing to get rid of. My son first got these pearly spots (they look a bit like warts but are white hard spots) on the back of his legs over a year ago. I thought they were from cycling but as they didn't disappear I took him to the doctors who printed out the sheet on the subject. If you go to the doctors they will tell you they are harmless and will go away of their on accord.  They can take up to two years to go away!! I firmly believe he caught it at his old school where he was in a manky old hut. Luckily there were only about 15 of them and to get rid of them you have to squeeze them. My son did this and they cleared up very quickly once he had. You have to make sure you get the white stuff out and onto a tissue as these buggers multiply.

I have purchased this from Amazon but the crushed up tablets have worked also
My daughter then got them - they can easily be passed from bath water or towels.  Unfortunately for her she has eczema and it was worse for her. She had them  in clusters on her torso and in the crease of one arm. She got them about October last year (again in another festering manky hut at school - they have since moved to a better school). Unfortunately she screamed when we tried to squeeze them and also they spread. I tried everything and googled and found (see mumsnet forums) other mum's were also at their wits end.  I even paid £25 for a tiny bottle of liquid which is meant to burn them off - again nothing.  Anyhow, I thought I'd leave it - as they do clear up eventually.  But the other day I thought I'd have another google and found a blog detailing a mum's nightmare with this pox like virus.  Anyhow, she recommended Apple Cider Vinegar. By chance I had some tablets in the cupboard so I smashed them up and dissolved them in hot water. I dabbed them on my daughter's spots and tah dah - FINALLY something that actually works.  They are nearly gone (some turn black before they go) she does have a few scars but I'm hoping they will go. My youngest has a few on his neck about 10 so nothing major - some parents have had to contend with 100's on their child's body.

I'm writing this as I want to tell anyone who has had to treat a child for these spots is to get Apple Cider Vinegar. You can buy it in liquid form which I have coming my way but you could also do what I did. Its worked for us.

In other news, I completed 5 x kettle bell workouts, 1 x swimming (34 lengths) and 1 x 30 minute bike ride with my eldest which involved lots of little hill climbs. So a big giant tick for exercise this week. Food and drink = average.  I will start to track everything again etc after my two weeks off and throw myself into July.

My sister, Ness, is due to give an update on her low carb diet which heavily involved eggs! I look forward to reading her update.

See you soon.


  1. Oh yes I certainly know that it is the world cup all right, I am pretty fed up with it now too. That sounds awful with the white spots, great advice though if people are struggling with it. I think people generally do send kids with whatever bugs and viruses they have these days, it is tricky if you are working but sickness is a big no no. I hope your constitution serves you well

    1. Hello Nikki - they are and a lot have never heard of them so maybe we just got unlucky but I hope that I can help a mum who was struggling like me!! So far no sickness also - yay! x