Saturday, 14 June 2014

Saturday Chit Chat

I remember writing back when the Olympics were on in 2012 that they were going to make me fat and I feel if I'm not careful the World Cup could  have a detrimental effect on my diet. I've manged 2 x kettlebell workouts this week which is a poor show considering last week I managed 5! I love the World Cup but it does mean you spend a great deal of time sitting on your butt watching television. Now, more than ever, I need to make time for exercise its just when?!

Yesterday, I watched a match at 5pm another at 8pm and to round it off one at 11pm (although I had to go to bed just before half time). Not only did I not fit in my kettlebell workout I got my holiday mojo going on and cracked open a bottle of tequila beer (!), honey roasted cashew nuts mixed in with pretzels! It was hot yesterday as well which adds to my general care free abandonment.  Not only that but I have Brtimums on Friday and just when I should be cranking up the diet and exercise I've taken my foot off. The last couple of days have pretty much been free fall.

My latest purchase from george at Asda - they have some great cheap summer clothes. I love the Brazilian colours and am wearing it now! And it would look much better if I lost more of my stomach weight
Today, we went to see my sister Sharon who cooked up some lovely sausages and french bread on the bbq. I had 2 x sausages in french bread and felt mighty full. I decided, just for good measure, to snack on the spicy crisps that were out on the table. I polished all that off with a big bowl of strawberries and cream. Needless to say I'm not hungry.  Now, my intention was to come back home (we are at home) and I'd quickly get changed, do a workout and then watch the football. Instead, I have my feet up, football on and am writing about doing exercise instead exercise!!!  I think more importantly I need to curb my food frenzy which has descended upon since the World Cup started. Rein it in girlfriend. Rein it in.  I am finding this therapeutic - maybe writing about it will set me straight.

England's game is at 11pm so perhaps if I work out prior to that match it will keep me up? What do you think? Its Father's Day tomorrow and my husband is very much looking forward to 3 x matches. In fact, its probably the perfect Father's Day for him! We will pop out in the morning for a family walk or something but again I need to work out.

Okay, I'm signing off but will let you know tomorrow whether or not I've got my arse in gear.


  1. I had a gallon of pimms at the races followed up by a massive chinese!!

    1. Quality!! But you'll be burning it off no doubt with bike rides and what have you! x