Sunday, 1 June 2014

One Way to FleeceVille

So last week's Bank Holiday Monday BBQ was cancelled (at Nessa's speaking of which will be doing an update on her diet shortly for me) due to the bad weather which continued for 3 days. As we didn't have the new car (not new but newer than our old car) ready by then and had sold the old one - my husband in his infinite wisdom said let's book train tickets on line.

This I did with and promptly wished I hadn't.  The total sum for train tickets was just over £28 for the 5 of us for our return journey.  When we realised that the BBQ wasn't going to happen I naturally cancelled the tickets.  I was charged £10 for a refund! £10 frigging pounds! I was raging. I would have expected a charge of some sort - maybe percentage related to the cost of the ticket but not over 33%. I suspect you are meant to feel grateful that you get anything back but most decent companies will refund you a ticket/booking if you give them 48 hours notice. Take - you can book a luxury weekend away and get a full refund.  Blatant profiteering by this ticket company.

Naturally I took to twitter and facebook. I got the standard its in the terms and conditions blah blah. Yes because we all read those don't we.  On twitter I asked the question if the ticket was for, say, £300 would you still get charged £10? The answer was yes! Quality.  Where's the logic in that?! Morally its wrong isn't it. Grrrrrrrr. Still, if you look at their facebook page there are numerous disgruntled customers on various issues. One poor lady had booked tickets for the family but weren't sitting next to each other! Anyhow, their PR guru person on twitter responded to one of my sarcastic tweets (would you owe them money if your ticket was under £10) with 'YIP'. That says it all.

So, yesterday was Nessa's BBQ and the weather was perfect for it. She'd gone to an enormous amount of effort with an array of food - burgers, sausages, belly pork ribs, chicken, pasta, mozzerella and tomatoes, salad, cakes, more cakes, strawberries, drinks and so it went on. I had 3 x beers - I don't ordinarily drink beer but I knew red wine was a no no, I don't drink white wine and didn't want to have diet cokes etc so beer was my drink of choice!! I wasn't drunk or anything but all that night I had another awful headache. I think I get so dehydrated when drinking and as ever I always seem to get my hangover (doesn't take a lot) there and then. I naturally ate too much - lots of chicken, salad, belly pork and one sausage. I also had some cake and strawberries. I didn't have dinner when I got home but I didn't need to - I'm still full now and its Sunday!  I feel bloated and yuck to be honest haven't over eaten like that in quite some time.

I haven't managed to do another work out since my last blog post but am getting up tomorrow early (kids have inset day) if it kills me. Then its back to the normal routine for their last term at school before they're off for the summer hols. My plan is for an early morning workout Tuesday, swimming on Wednesday and something Thursday. I'm meeting an old friend on Friday. I have to make more of an effort at the weekend. I also need to put my most recent photo's up on here so will do that shortly also.

Britmums is only a couple of weeks away now and I still don't know what I'll wear - I don't fancy dressing up in the day and I need to start thinking about it really as I am staying the night and going to the conference the next morning.

Until next time...


  1. What a mega rip off. I hare companies that do that. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. That BBQ sounds amazing. Paul built ours yesterday so naturally it's going to pee it down for months now. Re BritMums, I'm wearing jeans on both days. Probably with nice tops and sandals (no heels). I'll pack a summer dress in case it's really warm (day kind of dress, not a fancy one). I'm much more comfortable at events when I'm dressed in clothes that I'd wear everyday rather than fancy ones.

    1. Tell me about it! Ahh re the bbq - I like the idea of jeans and yes if its hot probably a maxi dress x

  2. That is outrageous!! I won't be using them to book my Britmums train tickets that is for sure

    1. Isn't it!!! You won't need to cancel your Britmums ticket - looking forward to seeing you there! x