Thursday, 26 June 2014

Kettle Bells and Me

I really love the Kettle Bells - I know I keep banging on about them but I do. I have dropped down to a 4kg weight as although I can lift the 6kg I figure its better to get the technique spot on rather than have an injury. Talking of which I'm not sure if it is totally spot on. This is because when you google Jillian and her Kettle Bells you get a lot of negative comments about her posture etc and don't do this unless you want an injury. Someone did say that she does get a lot of negative comments but that's probably because they are jealous of her success.  Good point.

I don't want to put my back out. I do feel a strain across my lower back but I also feel it in my legs and arms the day after working out. That's normal though isn't it?  There's a difference between that sore muscle feeling to pain. I've always had twinges in my hips even in my early 30's when I used to do Step (god that sounds prehistoric now doesn't it - Step not my 30's although hang on...) I have progressed myself to level 2 which I can do about 85% of.  I did the workouts Monday before the pre-school run, Tuesday at 6 am and Wednesday at 6 am and I went swimming on that day. I only swam 34 lengths as yet again my bladder got the better of me. Whilst swimming I kept thinking about food?! I was merrily doing the crawl thinking mmm would love a chinese on Saturday and then I thought I haven't made the 99 flake cup cakes for the kids in a while.

So today I had a rest day on the exercise front.  Its buddy's day off on a Thursday and the past two we have gone swimming. There's a lovely pool about 20 mins drive away with a wave machine, bubbles and a slide plus little boat floats and he loves it. I am feeling increasingly sad that this is our last summer together.  I didn't think I would - in the kind of way you say it but don't really feel it. But I do. I want to make these last few months count.

Today, we went up to the local shops and the library to renew all three of my kids's books. That's another thing we do together - go to the library to he can pick up his books, do the banking, buy a magazine, go on the little ride on horse outside the newsagents (yes they still exist 20p if you please) go to the coffee shop for coffee (funnily enough I'm on form tonight aren't I). He takes a ribenna with a rainbow cookie - me a cappuccino. Then we trot back to Sainsbury's where he sits in the little trolley (haven't been told off yet) whilst I get a few bits that I couldn't get in Aldi and normally comes to £45. How anyone affords to do their weekly shop in Sainsbury's I don't know.  By the way Aldi are selling 99p sunflower plants. Perfect for teacher gifts. I'm going to get some ceramic pots and the kids can personalise them with paint and what not.

Today, we had an extra time out buying the guinea pig supplies and a quick visit to the park.  I was going to go to the garden centre but with kids you have to know when its a bridge too far. That was a bridge too far. I love our Thursdays together.

He has also mastered his bike so no stabilizers. We just have to perfect pushing off and he's done. Another milestone.

Anyhow, back to the workouts. More of the same tomorrow and will try and fit in a bike ride. Food has been okay could do better. I definitely feel my stomach has gone down and someone even commented on it the other day.

See you soon!

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