Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tuesday Weigh In

-2lbs this week. I'm happy with that as I was incredibly inactive i.e no exercise for the whole week as per the doctors instructions. I have the steroid injection booked for my heel on Friday.  I did 45 minutes of pilates yesterday whilst Buddy was at pre-school and tomorrow I'm going swimming and hope to do my 50 x lengths. I am working my way through my diet chef trial hamper. I have run out of granola and wish I'd ordered more - I have had a fruit and oat cookie these past couple of days and I have yet to try out the muesli bar. I have become a fan of oats it has to be said.  I am a bit lazy with the evening meals - they generally are not more than 300 cals but I don't add vegetables etc - so I need to sort that out. I also need to cut back (I know I said this last week) on my dolce gusto intake. I am going to revert back to tea and if I do have a coffee its going to be an expresso or one where you add milk. This is because all the fancy capsules are calorific and if you have, say, 3 cups of cappuccino/latte/cafe au lait - that's well over 300 cals.

I have noticed my waist nipping in a bit - not massively but enough for one person telling me "you've lost weight" and Em said this evening my waist looks smaller than last week.  If I can only shake this heel injury I would be firing on all cylinders. I don't tend to do much exercise on a Saturday and Sunday but this looks set to change as my husband purchased a punching bag and gloves which we've set up in the garage. The kids love it and its all good fun You can really work up a sweat thumping one of those things.

I've also just realised the kids will be off again at the end of next week for one whole week plus a bank holiday thrown in for good measure. So cue getting in as much good eating habits and exercise as possible.

As promised here is the step by step pictures of the Lego Batman Cake....

I covered 2 x chocolate rounds the day before I made the Lego Batman figure
I bought this lovely glitter so it looked like the sky at night, added black cut out fondant for the buildings and yellow fondant for the windows
Getting an idea of shape and size - a ruler is very handy.  I always carve out of defrosting madeira cake

Sorted out shape and head

Carved out his legs and I also put fondant on the upper thighs to give it a round shape and also on his head

Covered - am pretty pleased at this point. It would have been far easier to have just made him like this and lay him on his cape. For his arms I just modeled fondant and put tooth picks in to attach to the main body.
Notice how he is squashed down on his legs! This is because the night before he was all tilted as whilst I did dowel his feet I needed some bamboo skewers to go through his body to keep him upright. Had I done that immediately his shape would have been so much better. But overall I'm happy at my first attempt of a stand up figure on top of a scene.
Finally, the hubster put a shed load of cd's onto the ipod and had a right old sort out. My daughter, in particular, has really been enjoying this gem.  Given that I've got a bit of dead person crush on Richard Burton at the moment, I'm not tiring of those classic words "no one could have believed" and nor can my husband stop staying it every time I pick up the Richard Burton Diaries!

See you very soon!


  1. You're cakes are amazing! None for you though. Only 3 more lbs and you've lost a whole stone. Woohoo! (Yes I'm keeping score :) )

    1. Aaaaagh! I meant 'your', honestly I meant 'your'.

    2. Thank you - argghhh no pressure - I'm rubbish dieting under pressure it sends me the other way! xx

    3. Oh ok, go eat the cakes, I don't care, really....

    4. Hooray I can let myself go...! x

  2. Well done on your weight loss. That cake is amazing! x

    1. well thank you Sharon - do stop by again! X