Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Chit Chat

I wrote the majority of this post during the week with a view to then adding to my Top Ten dieting tips but I got a bit distracted.  We sold our car but are still waiting on our new one. I had to get the bus to my hairdressers on Friday so it cut my blogging time etc short.

Also, I've never really been into blogging awards and was shocked when I was short listed for the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards. Anyhow, that's as shocking as it gets as I did not make the finals.  I am a tad annoyed with myself as like watching England - I always think after watching a match on the edge of my seat and getting stressed - why did I get sucked in?! They're shit and have no chance of winning a major football tournament?! I feel the same way about the awards - I knew I wouldn't have a look in and I'm annoyed that I was interested in finding out on Friday by logging on and off Twitter for about 30 minutes! What is with that? Anyhow, a fellow blogger said she didn't even expect to be nominated for the shortlist so anything else was a bonus. Very true. It was great getting the heads up but I can now relax and go back to normal!

Okay, I could easily rant about UKIP tonight - well more my facebook news feed. I clearly know a lot of not so closet racists. Every now and then a status will come up and BHAM - its like the 1930's all over again "work sets you free" was a sign on concentration camps by the Nazi's. Sound familiar? Anyhow, I shared a post saying why I wouldn't be voting UKIP essentially that I wasn't ignorant racist to which someone commented "that's not a very nice thing to say". Are you actually having a game? Have you actually heard the clap trap, the vile hatred spouted by this party? What do you honestly think will happen if this party got anywhere near power?  Oh the irony of  "we are a Christian country" nothing I've heard from you lot sounds remotely Christian to me.

Not a nice comment? I'll tell you what's not very nice - to see regular vile illiterate comments in my news feed along the lines of "I'm not racist but that Hitler had some good ideas", attacks on various races in the guise of our country is full. We can't take anymore. What that Romanian has got a job you never even applied for? You do realise that you could move countries, move your children, leave your family and go and work in a European member state should you so desire. When did it become acceptable to be openly racist? And how come you can have your views but if I say actually I don't agree with that its not okay? They would argue we get called racist just because we feel this country is full. The Daily Express says only the chattering classes call UKIP voters racist - I'm not from the 'chattering classes' and the UKIP voters I know are racist and that was long before they voted for them. The whole border control is a red herring.  No you get called racist because you are! You tar all the various ethnic groups with the same brush. Anyhow, I said I wasn't going to rant!!

Back to The 1970s Diet.  My foot is getting there. I think. Amazingly I wore high heels to the Tapas restaurant on Friday and walked to a bar afterwards and my heel didn't hurt at all. It didn't hurt on Saturday either. Today it is a little sore. I had a lovely night out and whilst I didn't count calories and enjoyed wine and vodka (my head was bad the next day) - I did not have desert. Having said that, Saturday was a bit of non-diet day as I was feeling so rough. I had half a pizza for tea. I have been fine today and have a family bbq tomorrow. I may hold off the weigh in to the following week. I'll see how I feel!

I swam 50 lengths (on Wednesday) and, again, 30 lengths doing the crawl. Today we took the kids out to a nice wooded area with their scooters. It was a long walk with some hills. That's all my exercise this week.

The kids are off AGAIN! this week and I don't have a car until Wednesday/Thursday so this may be interesting. I am definitely getting up at 7 am to work out from Tuesday as I really can't see how I'll fit it all in. In addition, if the evenings are nice I think its time to get back in the saddle.

That's all for now folks. My next post will be on another Top Ten Dieting tips.

Ta ta for now

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