Saturday, 3 May 2014

Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in!

Remember this classic line from The Godfather Part III? I forget it was actually from the third film (which everyone derides but I like it as it has the hot tempered Andy Garcia playing Sonny's son - for that its worth watching).  This sprang to mind when I went to a PTA meeting yesterday - "just when I thought I was out...." I went of my own free will I might add. They were looking for helpers and I'm not one to leave it to the next person as by and large the next person doesn't exist and sure enough I was the only person who turned up to their call for arms.

I quite enjoyed myself though - I added some useful pointers and what they may like to try (they pretty much had everything organised they just need help setting up - the usual etc). You always have the jaded martyr member who has resigned themselves to doing it all themselves and that no one ever helps.  I never accept that you cannot turn things around but it requires a great deal of effort and repetition. You also always get the person that is just on the committee to say they're on it but actually do nothing. They occasionally chip in with some 'great' idea which has had zero consideration as to profit, planning etc and more importantly have no intention whatsoever to lift a finger. I find these types superfluous to requirements on  a PTA - you need doers not hangers on. Thankfully I saw no sign of this type.  It seemed like a very nice bunch of people.

In other news, I went to see the doctor about my dodgy heel.  Turns out, as I suspected, I have Plantar Fasciiti. Essentially this is a strong band of tissue that stretches from your heel to your middle foot bones. It is the shock absorber to your foot.  Repeated injuries damage it i.e excessive exercise, standing on your feet, being 40-60, being a woman (you are twice as likely to get it) and if your Achilles tendon (at the bottom of your calf) is tight. I know my calf muscles have always been tight. So basically I'm meant to rest it which is pretty difficult when you have 3 children and are up and down like a yo-yo most days.  I have some anti-inflammatory cream to put on it and if it doesn't improve with exercises specifically for it I can have a steroid injection up at the doctors.  I have been told not to exercise for a week. What a pain!! I am going to follow the doctors orders though but will do pilates as it involves stretching and no pressure to the heel. Let's hope I can shake this off sooner rather than later as its been 6 months. 

I did feel a bit sorry for the young doctor as, naturally, he wanted to examine my foot. I hadn't shaved my legs so had a nice bit of stumble on my ankle - classy, my trainers are very worn now (must get some new ones as this will help), I had my tight ankle strap on and my feet just looked manky. Toe nails needed to be cut and the nail polish was half on half off. How lovely for him.  I muttered something along the lines "sorry about my feet" and quickly left with a mental note to shave my legs, cut my toe nails, paint my nails and not to let myself go. Well not yet at any event. Speaking of which I put my foot right in it the other day. I was relying the story of the nurse and the scales and two other mum's (one slim and one extra slim like size 8) were talking about their muffin tops etc and one of the gran's pipes up "I don't care anymore" to which I, without engaging mouth or brain, say "yeah I can't wait till I'm at an age where I can just give up!" WTF!! Opened mouthed and tumbleweed moment ensued and I quickly tried to back track but I feel it was too late. 

Today I have been baking Buddy's birthday cake. It's going to be an ambitious affair and I'll post pictures next week with a step by step guide on how to make the perfect or horrendous Lego Batman cake. I say ambitious as he is going to be standing up on top of Gotham city. As ever, it will either be my finest hour or I will be cursing the day I decided to make all my children bespoke birthday cakes. I took him to see the show Aliens Love Underpants yesterday which we both throughly enjoyed except I didn't quite enjoy the cost of parking the car for just over 2 hours - £8.40. Bastards.

I also had some good news on Buddy's tongue tie front - he is going to referred to another London hospital and I am hoping it will be done in the next few months.  However, the rug never showed and now I have been told I will get a full refund plus a new rug when it is made.  This will be fantastic if that happens but we shall have to wait and see.

Now to the diet - I haven't worked out since my swim and the doctors recommendations but continue to eat 1200 calories and am hoping that this is reflected on the scales on Monday.  I like that my stomach is reducing which is spurring me on and the fact that soon it will be summer and all those summer clothes will need to come out!

Until next time...


  1. Hahaha you can never leave. I've tried to leave our building committee three times now. So far the this time it's worked but ask me again in a few months. Once people know that you are an organize that's it, they never let you go. You'll still be on this PTA when your grandchildren join the school.
    On the diet front - well done for sticking to the 1200 calories. Did you see the ticker on the side of my blog? If you're interested in having one I can give you the code.

    1. I know!! What's it all about - I do like to organise and sort it has to be said. Heading over now for a look x